amy kilpin

Why sponsor an age-grouper?

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs | 10/02/2016 09:57am

Amy Kilpin explains the importance of financial support, and why age-groupers are joining the professionals to be brand ambassadors.

tri surrey

Take on the full iron distance

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs | 01/02/2016 09:53am

Tri Surrey’s newest Ironman finisher Matt Hutchings breaks down his approach to the biggest challenge facing any athlete tackling the full iron distance: the 26 mile run.


Trew Stories: You really can do anything

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs | 15/01/2016 10:17am

Steve Trew meets two women who have shown him how it’s possible to overcome hardships in style.

88 Inspired Lee 1

From Fat Man to Ironman

| Blogs, Triathlete Blogs | 07/01/2016 10:42am

Five years ago Lee Maxwell, 36, was too embarrassed to be photographed with his kids. Now he’s their sporting inspiration… Words: Debbi Marco Images: Finisherpix

Jan Frodeno takes victory at Kona Iroman world championships

Reflect Review and Refocus

| Blogs, Triathlete Blogs | 18/12/2015 10:19am

Age-grouper Amy Kilpin takes some time off training and allows herself to be introspective and inspired for the coming year.

carpe diem

Triathlon Forever

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs | 17/12/2015 09:48am

Steve Trew explains how the old-school triathlete, will keep on going. He just can’t help himself…

Amy Kilpin pic

Amy Kilpin: It’s all in the blood

| Blogs | 14/12/2015 11:24am

What’s really going on with your body, asks age-grouper Amy Kilpin


The Ultimate Triathlon

| Blogs, Triathlete Blogs, Triathlon News | 03/12/2015 13:57pm

Luke Tyburski takes the ultimate triathlon challenge: 2000kms in 12 days, from Morocco to Monaco.

inspired by 1

From Addiction To Triathlon

| Blogs, Triathlete Blogs | 02/12/2015 10:08am

Gary Schroeder, 36, explains how he beat his drink and drug habit to race Ironman UK. Words: Debbi Marco Photos: Charles Whittington Photography; Finisherpix.


Imposter Syndrome

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs | 27/11/2015 10:12am

When it comes to confidence, sometimes you just have to fake it, says Steve Trew


Clapham Chasers

| Blogs | 25/11/2015 09:51am

This month’s training zone club.

Amy Kilpin pic

It’s all in the blood

| Blogs, Triathlete Blogs | 24/11/2015 09:31am

What’s really going on with your body, asks age-grouper Amy Kilpin


Suddenly I see…

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs | 11/11/2015 10:43am

Mentally preparing for things that could go wrong will help you deal with race day hiccups, says Steve Trew.

amy kilpin

Amy Kilpin: It won’t always go your way on race day

| Blogs, Triathlete Blogs | 02/11/2015 10:45am

Bad races happen to everyone, but there’s always something you can learn, reflects age grouper Amy Kilpin


Trew stories: Keeping it clean

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs | 07/10/2015 10:52am

Sometimes an outstanding win really is the result of hardwork and an athlete at their best, says Steve Trew

Amy Kilpin

Is there more to life than triathlon?

| Blogs, Pro Triathlon, Triathlete Blogs | 17/08/2015 12:19pm

Dedication and obsession are key traits of any triathlete, but should we just lighten up and have a bit more fun instead, asks age grouper Amy Kilpin…

Steve Trew

Steve Trew: The power of words

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs, Pro Triathlon | 04/08/2015 17:07pm

It’s hard to explain but sometimes coaches have that little bit of magic, says Steve Trew…

Even pro triathletes make race mistakes

Even pro triathletes make race mistakes

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs, Pro Triathlon | 17/07/2015 10:23am

Just keep smiling and don’t do it again says Phil Mosley…

Amy Kilpin

Amy Kilpin: I’m chasing my dream around the globe

| Blogs, Pro Triathlon, Triathlete Blogs | 11/06/2015 10:30am

It’s not just the mental journey that makes triathlon so special, says age grouper Amy Kilpin as she racks up the air miles to compete at Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya…

Back to tri coach school: knowledge is power

Tri coach school: knowledge is power

| Coaches' Blogs, Pro Triathlon, Triathlon Training | 02/06/2015 09:59am

Coaching editor Phil Mosley has been back to tri coach school and discovered that, in triathlon, knowledge is power

Doping in Sport

Steve Trew: A Question of Morality

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs, Pro Triathlon | 07/05/2015 17:35pm

For fans of fair sport, can an athlete ever truly step out of the shadow of a doping conviction – and should we let them, asks Steve Trew

Sport Commentators

Steve Trew: the guy behind the mike

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs, Pro Triathlon | 26/03/2015 10:30am

It’s not just the athletes who fight for places at big events and get nervous about their performance, says Steve Trew…

Steve Trew: Hard Questions

Steve Trew: The Hard Questions

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs, Pro Triathlon | 23/01/2015 09:00am

During motivation’s darkest days in deep mid-winter, it’s time to consider what you really want and ask those hard questions, says Steve Trew.

EK Lidbury Annual Balance

Emma-Kate Lidbury: Annual Balance

| Pro Triathlon, Triathlete Blogs | 30/12/2014 11:43am

Emma-Kate Lidbury takes stock of her 2014 and finds it’s been more profitable than she first thought. As the end of the year approaches, it is natural to look back on the past 12 months and evaluate what has unfolded. Regardless of which walk of life we come from – athletes, executives, parents, students – […]

Steve Trew: A Love Letter To My Athletes

Steve Trew: A Love Letter To My Athletes

| Coaches' Blogs, Pro Triathlon | 26/12/2014 15:02pm

Steve Trew is putting pen to paper for personal reasons. Dear triathletes…


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