Triathlon Box

Review: Triathlon Box

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 21/07/2015 16:22pm

Looking for a solution to carrying all your triathlon kit on race day? Age grouper Jon Dundee tests out the Triathlon Box…

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band: Ideal for running and cycling

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 14/04/2015 16:22pm

Due for release tomorrow, we thought we’d share our thoughts on the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health app…

T Mat

T Mat Pro Transition Mat Review

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 01/04/2015 17:31pm

We test out the T Mat Pro Transition Mat to see if it keeps things neat and tidy ready for T1…

Apple Watch in set of three

Apple announce release date of Apple Watch

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 10/03/2015 17:27pm

The anticipated release date of the Apple Watch has been announced, as well as details of the device’s capabilities as a health and fitness companion…


Actipatch Back Pain Patch Review

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 08/08/2014 06:00am

Actipatch Back pain patch tested, rated and reviewed


Polar V800 Review: Pro Tested

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 01/08/2014 18:47pm

The Polar V800 GPS heart-rate monitor training watch is reviewed by pro triathlete Courtney Atkinson

Polar V800 [photo: Colin Levitch]

Polar V800 – First Look

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 09/07/2014 03:22am

TriRadar takes a sneak peek at Polar’s all-new GPS-equipped triathlon watch


Garmin Edge 1000 Cycling Computer Revealed

| Gear, Gear & Bike News, Triathlon Tech | 09/04/2014 17:08pm

New Garmin Edge 1000 GPS bike computer to feature segments, enhanced mapping navigation and remote control

Garmin Forerunner 220 review

Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Running Watch Review

| Gear, Running Gear, Triathlon Tech | 14/03/2014 06:00am

The Garmin Forerunner 220 running watch tested, rated and reviewed

Quark Riken 10R power meter review

Quarq Riken 10R Power Meter Review

| Bikes & Cycling Gear, Gear, Triathlon Tech | 10/03/2014 06:00am

Quarq Riken 10R power meter tested, rated and reviewed

Best Budget Bike Computers 2014

Best Budget Bike Computers 2014

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 14/01/2014 06:00am

12 of the best budget bike computers tested, reviewed and rated

Garmin 910XT GOTY

Gear Of The Year: Best Gadget 2013

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 24/12/2013 11:00am

The Gamin 910XT stands the test of time to scoop our best gadget of the year award for 2013

Yurbuds Inspire Duro Headphones

Yurbuds Inspire Duro Headphones Review

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 15/12/2013 06:00am

Yurbuds’ Inspire Duro Headphones reviewed and rated

Yurbuds Inspire Duro headphones

Kit Just In: Yurbuds Inspire Duro Headphones

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 26/11/2013 14:22pm

Yurbuds’ Inspire Pro Ironman headphones land in the TriRadar office

Best Sports Watches And Running Monitors For Triathlon

Best Running Watches For Triathlon 2013

| Gear, Running Gear, Triathlon Tech | 18/11/2013 05:30am

11 sports watches that’ll help you monitor and improve your triathlon running performance – tested, rated and reviewed

Topeak PanoBike

Topeak PanoBike iPhone App and Accessories Review

| Bikes & Cycling Gear, Gear, Triathlon Tech | 06/08/2013 05:30am

We test the Topeak PanoBike system, which aims to turn your iPhone into a fully functional bike computer

Denon Exercise Freak headphones

Denon Exercise Freak Running Headphones Review

| Gear, Running Gear, Triathlon Tech | 03/08/2013 05:30am

We try out the new Denon Exercise Freak headphones

Swimovate PoolMate HR heart-rate Monitor

Swimovate PoolMate HR Heart-Rate Monitor Review

| Gear, Triathlon Tech, Wetsuits & Swimming Gear | 16/07/2013 05:30am

We put Swimovate’s waterproof PoolMate heart-rate monitor to the test

Firefly electronic recovery aid

Firefly Electronic Recovery Aid Review

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 06/07/2013 05:30am

We see if the Firefly electrostimulation device really can aid recovery

Omegawave chest strap and app

Omegawave ECG Chest Strap And iPhone / Android App

| Bikes & Cycling Gear, Gear, Running Gear, Triathlon Tech | 08/06/2013 05:30am

We try out Omegawave’s new ECG sensor belt and app for iPhone and Android devices

Suunto Ambit 2S triathlon watch

Suunto launch Ambit2 GPS triathlon watch

| Gear, Gear & Bike News, Triathlon Tech | 30/04/2013 12:56pm

Suunto Ambit2 GPS triathlon watch to go head to head with Garmin 910XT

Kinomap Trainer Review

Kinomap Trainer App Review

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 16/04/2013 05:30am

We review the Kinomap Trainer App


SRAM Quickview Computer Mount Review

| Bikes & Cycling Gear, Gear, Triathlon Tech | 16/02/2013 05:30am

We review the SRAM Quickview computer mount

Best Turbo Trainers

Best Turbo Trainers Review 2013

| Bikes & Cycling Gear, Gear, Triathlon Tech | 21/01/2013 05:30am

Find your perfect winter training partner in our best triathlon turbo trainer review

Garmin 810

Garmin Edge 810 Review

| Bikes & Cycling Gear, Gear, Triathlon Tech | 16/01/2013 16:20pm

Garmin launch new Edge 810


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