Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 13/08/2014 06:00am

Honey Stinger organic Energy chews tested, rated and reviewed


SiS Go Isotonic Energy Gel Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 04/08/2014 06:00am

SiS Go Isotonic Energy tested, rated and reviewed

Powerbar Performance Energy Blends Review

Powerbar Performance Energy Blends Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 11/07/2014 06:00am

PowerBar Performance Energy Blends tested, rated and reviewed

Osmo Womens Nutrition Review

Osmo Active Hydration For Women Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 09/07/2014 06:00am

Osmo Active Hydration for women tested, rated and reviewed

Beet It Sport Pro Elite Bar Review

Beet It Pro-elite Bar Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 07/07/2014 06:00am

Beet It pro-elite nitrate bar tested, rated and reviewed

Powerbar Energize Wafer Review

PowerBar Energize Wafer Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 11/06/2014 06:00am

PowerBar Energize Wafers sports nutrition tested, rated and reviewed

Elivar sports nutrition

Elivar Sports Nutrition Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 03/06/2014 05:30am

We review this nutrition optimised for endurance athletes over 35

SOS Rehydrate Review

SOS Rehydrate Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 13/05/2014 06:00am

SOS Rehydrate drink tested, rated and reviewed

Kinetica Thermo Whey Review

Kinetica Thermo Whey Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 09/05/2014 06:00am

Kinetica Thermo Whey recovery drink taste tested, rated and reviewed

Powerbar 5 Electrolytes review

PowerBar 5 Electrolytes Tablets Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 12/04/2014 06:30am

PowerBar 5 Electrolytes Tablets tasted, tested, rated and reviewed

Powerbar Protein Plus Review

Powerbar Protein Plus Recovery Drink Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 26/03/2014 06:00am

Powerbar Protein Plus recovery drink taste tested, rated and reviewed

SiS GO Plus Caffeine Energy Gel review

SiS GO Plus Caffeine Energy Gel Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 12/03/2014 06:00am

SiS GO Plus Caffeine gel taste tested and reviewed

Best Triathlon Energy Drinks

Best Energy Drinks Review 2014

| Gear, Nutrition | 11/03/2014 06:00am

The best energy drinks for 2014 tasted, tested, rated and reviewed!

For Goodness Shakes Protein review

For Goodness Shakes Protein Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 18/02/2014 06:00am

For Goodness Shakes’ Protein drink taste-tested and reviewed

Best Protein Bars

Six Of The Best Protein Bars Reviewed

| Gear, Nutrition | 28/01/2014 06:00am

We taste, review and rate 6 of the best protein bars for triathlon training recovery


33 Shake Chia Energy Gel Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 26/01/2014 06:00am

The new all-natural 33 Shake Chia energy gel taste-tested and reviewed

AM Sport Energy Bar

AM Sport Energy Bar Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 29/12/2013 06:00am

AM Sport’s chocolate energy bar tasted, rated and reviewed

FuelBelt Revenge R2O

FuelBelt Revenge R2O Review

| Gear, Nutrition, Running Gear | 22/11/2013 06:30am

We review the FuelBelt Revenge R2O triathlon nutrition belt

GU Salted Caramel Energy Gel

GU Salted Caramel Energy Gel Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 20/11/2013 06:30am

We review GU’s new Salted Caramel Energy Gel

Torq Gel Raspberry Ripple review

Torq Gel Raspberry Ripple Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 26/10/2013 05:30am

We try out the Torq Raspberry Ripple gel


OTE Energy Drink Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 22/10/2013 05:30am

We test the OTE Energy Drink

Fuel Your 10k Hours Breakfast Milk Drink

Fuel Your 10k Hours Breakfast Milk Drink Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 24/08/2013 05:30am

We give the new Breakfast Milk Drink from Fuel Your 10k Hours the taste test

Xendurance Extreme Endurance

Xendurance Extreme Endurance Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 01/08/2013 05:30am

We put Xendurance’s Extreme Endurance recovery tablets to the test

Erdinger Alkoholfrei

Erdinger Alkoholfrei Sports Drink Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 27/07/2013 05:30am

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is an alcohol-free beer being touted as an isotonic sports drink. We give it the taste test

Kinetica ProRelease protein shake

Kinetica ProRelease Protein Drink Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 29/06/2013 05:30am

We put Kinetica’s ProRelease protein shake to the taste test


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