Change Crank Lengths

Will Shorter Cranks Make You Faster?

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 07/08/2014 06:00am

Swap your set-up to shorter crank arms and you could reap benefits on both the bike and run, says Garth Fox

Triathlon Training With A Power Meter

Training With A Power Meter

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 16/05/2014 06:00am

Race training with a power meter – race your fastest ever triathlon with our guide to tri training with a cycling power meter

Best Ironman triathlon bikes 2013

Best Bike Training For Ironman

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 12/05/2014 15:02pm

Set a blistering pace in your Ironman with these gruelling bike training drills

Ironman bike training: pacing

Five Ways To Pace Your Ironman Bike

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 08/05/2014 06:00am

Learn how to pace yourself on the bike so you can fulfil your potential in your Ironman race, says Garth Fox

Team Felt Triathlon Plus Dura-Ace power crank

Team Felt Triathlon Plus: Powering Up

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 02/05/2014 13:00pm

Team Felt Triathlon Plus add power meter training to their repertoire with Stages Power

Triathlon Bike Training: Vary Your Cycling

Seven Ways To Vary Your Cycle Training

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 10/04/2014 06:00am

Vary your bike training to maximise adaptation and improvement – triathlon coach Garth Fox shows you how

Athlete lab cycle centre

Cycle Training Studio With Real Bikes Opens In London

| Cycling, Features, Promotions, Triathlon Training | 08/04/2014 10:53am

The first cycling studio in Europe to use real bikes opens in London with backing by Team Sky’s Shane Sutton

Click the links on the left to download exclusive Ironman training plans

Ironman Triathlon Training Plans

| Cycling, Running, Swimming, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 18/03/2014 08:06am

These exclusive free Ironman triathlon training plans will help you race faster in your next long-course triathlon event

Click the links below to get your training plan fix

Ironman 70.3 Triathlon Training Plans

| Cycling, Running, Swimming, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 18/03/2014 08:05am

Our free Ironman 70.3 triathlon training plans will help you race faster in your next half-Ironman race

Tempo sessions are the secret to pro success

Olympic-distance Triathlon Training Plans

| Cycling, Running, Swimming, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 18/03/2014 08:04am

These exclusive free Olympic-distance triathlon training plans will help get you stronger and faster for your next triathlon

Click the links on the left to download our exclusive training plans

Sprint Triathlon Training Plans

| Cycling, Running, Swimming, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 18/03/2014 08:03am

Our free sprint triathlon training plans will get you started in triathlon or hone your sprint-distance speed and fitness

Fitness tips for time-poor cyclists

Fitness Tricks For Time-Poor Cyclists

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 13/03/2014 06:00am

Eamonn Deane’s fitness tips will get you cycling faster, without spending hours in the saddle

Eddie Fletcher Wattbike Winter

How To Pedal Like A Pro Triathlete

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 07/03/2014 15:48pm

Wattbike’s Eddie Fletcher on how to develop the perfect pedalling technique


Tri Bike Fitting – How To Get The Perfect Bike Position

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 04/03/2014 11:45am

Why getting a good bike fit is an essential and instant performance booster at all triathlon distances

Bike Cornering

How To Corner Fast On The Bike

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 02/03/2014 06:00am

Shave seconds off your riding time by cornering safely and effectively

Perfect Pedalling Technique

Perfect Your Pedal Stroke

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 06/02/2014 06:00am

Improve your pedal stroke to eliminate dead spots and increase cycling efficiency


How To Do Your Own Bike Fit

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 09/01/2014 06:00am

Increase cycling comfort and performance with our DIY road bike fit guide

Scott Foil 20 review

Cycling Training Plans For Triathlon

| Cycling, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 01/01/2014 10:10am

Free cycling training plans to help improve your triathlon bike splits

Winter Turbo Training sessions

Ultimate Winter Bike Speed Workouts

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 26/12/2013 06:00am

Build cycling strength over winter with these turbo trainer sessions from coach-to-the-pros Mat Steinmetz


Q&A: Power, Cadence, Climbing And Self-testing

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 13/12/2013 14:00pm

Wattbike’s Eddie Fletcher on balancing power, upping cadence, climbing, nutrition and self-testing on the bike

Winter riding gear

Winter-proof Your Cycling

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 14/11/2013 06:30am

The essential bike kit you’ll need to stay warm and ride well this winter

Tackle descents on the bike with confidence

8 Ways To Descend Better On The Bike

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 06/11/2013 05:30am

Improve your safety, speed and style when riding downhill with these simple cycling tips

Bike training

Sort Your Gearing On The Bike To Save Seconds

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 16/10/2013 05:30am

Improving your bike’s drive train efficiency could give you a free speed boost, says Rob Kitching

Ironman World Championships Kona 2013 (Photo: *christopher*)

Ironman World Championships: Get In Training

| Cycling, Race Day Tips, Running, Swimming, Triathlon Training | 07/10/2013 14:30pm

If you’re thinking about moving up to Ironman, check out our Ironman triathlon training sections

Pete Jacobs - Boardman

Pete Jacobs: Ironman Bike Training

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 04/10/2013 08:30am

Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs explains how get through your Ironman bike training


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