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Q & A with triathlete Alice Hector

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 17/11/2015 11:13am

TriRadar speaks with elite triathlete and world sprint triathlon champion Alice Hector, the brand ambassador for Nutrition X.

super lean tuna burgers

Recipe: super lean tuna burgers

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 27/08/2015 10:26am

Eating healthily doesn’t have to be complicated, explains Gill Cummings-Bell…

Banana pancakes

Recipe: banana and spelt pancakes

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 07/08/2015 08:59am

Here’s how to breakfast like a triathlon king, says exercise and nutrition scientist Gill Cummings-Bell…

Lamb tagine

Recipe: lovely lamb tagine

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 16/07/2015 09:19am

Exercise and nutrition scientist Gill Cummings-Bell explains how this month’s tasty dish packs a mighty protein punch…

Navigate aid stations like a pro

Navigate aid stations like a pro

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 29/06/2015 11:07am

Don’t let chaotic fuel stops slow you down or blow your nutrition plan…

baked salmon with new potatoes and asparagus

Recipe: baked salmon with new potatoes and asparagus

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 19/06/2015 12:19pm

The perfect meal to boost your training and reduce recovery time, says nutritionist and sports scientist, Gill Cummings-Bell…

Cauliflower and tomato pilaf

National Vegetarian Week: cauliflower and tomato pilaf recipe

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 19/05/2015 11:01am

As it’s National Vegetarian Week, we thought we’d share this healthy and nutritious recipe from Waitrose…

Steer clear of energy slumps

Steer clear of energy slumps

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 11/05/2015 12:15pm

Eat and pace yourself properly to avoid the dreaded ‘bonk’, or hitting the wall. Say goodbye to energy slumps…

Banana and date smoothie from Waitrose

Banana and date smoothie recipe from Waitrose

| Nutrition | 29/03/2015 09:31am

Try put this delicious banana and date smoothie recipe from Waitrose, either as a weekend treat or as part of your triathlon nutrition…

Chunky turkey and vegetable chowder

Triathlon Nutrition: Chunky Turkey Vegetable Chowder

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 16/03/2015 15:28pm

Warm up after a long ride with this protein-packed soup.

triathlon nutrition: mixed bean minestrone

Triathlon Nutrition: Mixed Bean Minestrone Soup

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 06/01/2015 14:26pm

Warm up after training with this hearty, healthy, quick mixed bean minestrone soup. Shopping List 1tsp olive oil 1 clove of garlic 1 red onion 1 bay leaf ½ tin drained tin mixed beans 100g tomatoes, finely chopped 30g broken spaghetti or tagliatelle 2 broccoli florets 500ml chicken stock 1tbsp chopped fresh herbs 30g grated […]

Triathlon Nutrition: British Turkey Goulash

Triathlon Nutrition: British Turkey Goulash

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 27/12/2014 11:16am

Cook this turkey goulash up before a long, cold run for your return.  Shopping List 2tbsp olive oil 1 large onion, peeled and sliced 2-4 garlic cloves, peeled and sliced 350g potatoes, peeled and diced 450g diced British turkey 1tbsp paprika 2tbsp plain flour 450ml turkey or chicken stock 1tbsp tomato puree Salt and freshly […]

Triathlon Nutrition: Use carbs when the time is right

Triathlon Nutrition: Use carbs when the time is right

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 11/12/2014 10:36am

  Decide your goal and you’ll know how much carbohydrate you need, says Dr Kevin Currell.

Triathlon Nutrition: Chicken and avocado sandwich

Triathlon Nutrition: Chicken and Avocado Sandwich

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 01/12/2014 14:49pm

Short on time and energy? This five minute fuel is a perfect example of triathlon nutrition and tastes amazing. With a good balance of protein and carbohydrate, this hearty sarnie is perfect to kick-start your recovery after a tough session.

(Photo: Michael Dannenberg)

Eat Like A Pro Triathlete

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 14/08/2014 06:00am

Drop fat and race triathlon faster by learning the nutritional lessons of triathlon’s elite athletes, says Sally Pinnegar

Triathlon nutrition

Nutrition For Triathlon: Time It Right

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 14/05/2014 06:00am

Time your nutrition right and perform at your best with ‘functional eating’, says Dr Robert Portman


Vegetarian Triathlon Nutrition

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 02/02/2014 06:00am

Get everything you need for triathlon training without eating meat, says nutritionist Sally Pinnegar


Eat Well For Less This Off-season

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 02/12/2013 06:30am

Maximise your nutrition without breaking the bank with the help of nutritionist Kate Percy

Photo: Rick Ligthelm

Stay Slim During Winter

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 30/10/2013 05:30am

Stay slim this winter with triathlon nutrition advice from nutritionist Kate Percy

Kitchen cupboard essentials for triathletes

Kitchen Cupboard Essentials For Triathletes

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 09/10/2013 05:30am

With these ingredients to hand, you’ll be able to whip up a nutritious meal in no time

Race day nutrition

How To Fuel For The Perfect Race

| Nutrition, Race Day Tips, Triathlon Training | 17/07/2013 05:30am

What to eat to in the 72 hours around your triathlon so you race well and recover quickly

Photo by Geoff Peters 604,

7 Healthy Eating Tips For Triathletes

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 20/06/2013 16:01pm

Don’t let eating healthily become a chore – stay motivated with these tips from clinical psychologist and triathlete Dr Matthew Tatum


Does The Paleo Diet Work For Triathletes?

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 18/05/2013 05:30am

Nutritionist Dr Kevin Currell examines the pros and cons for triathletes of the paleolithic / hunter-gatherer diet

Is sugar bad for you?

Is Sugar That Bad For You?

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 24/04/2013 05:30am

Many people think that sugar is the root of all evil. But is it any different for triathletes?

Getting your nutrition right, will be key to your triathlon success.

7 Ways To Avoid Hidden Calories

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 23/03/2013 05:30am

7 clever ways to cut down on your calorie intake without feeling like you’re starving


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