How to stay calm in open water

How To Overcome Open-water Swimming Fear

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 31/07/2014 06:00am

Improve pacing and stay calm in open water with these strategies from Dr Izzy Justice and Dinah Mistilis


Best Running Stretches For Triathletes

| Running, Triathlon Training | 24/07/2014 12:28pm

Improve your running form by boosting your flexibility, says coaching editor Phil Mosley

Best Olympic Distance Training Plan

Fastest Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan

| Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 21/06/2014 06:00am

Be at your best for an Olympic-distance triathlon, with Phil Mosley’s six-week training plan

Strength training

Five Myths of Strength Training

| Triathlon Training | 18/06/2014 06:00am

Strength training for triathlon: five myths busted

Run nutrition

Run Your Fastest Ironman Marathon

| Running, Triathlon Training | 12/06/2014 06:00am

Use bike, mind and nutrition to run a faster Ironman marathon, says Dr Graeme Stewart

Open water swim

Cope With Cold-Water Swimming

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 05/06/2014 06:00am

Heighten your resilience to cold water and improve your swimming in triathlon

Best transition tips

Triathlon Transition Tips

| Race Day Tips, Triathlon Training | 29/05/2014 06:00am

Get through transition fast with the perfect set-up, says triathlon coach Phil Mosley

Ironman 70.3 Training Plan

Ironman 70.3 Training Plan: 6 Weeks To Race Day

| Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 25/05/2014 06:00am

Reach the start line in peak condition, with this six-week Ironman 70. 3 triathlon training plan

Triathlon fundamentals: put your wetsuit on

Triathlon Fundamentals: Put Your Wetsuit On

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 22/05/2014 06:00am

How to put your wetsuit on quickly and so the fit is at its best

Karen-Pickering MBE

Karen Pickering’s Open Water Swimming Tips

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 16/05/2014 16:09pm

Karen Pickering MBE, four time World Champion swimmer, shares some open-water tips

Triathlon Training With A Power Meter

Training With A Power Meter

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 16/05/2014 06:00am

Race training with a power meter – race your fastest ever triathlon with our guide to tri training with a cycling power meter

Runner's knee - treatment and prevention

Runner’s Knee – Treatment And Prevention

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 15/05/2014 18:19pm

Runner’s Knee, or IT Band Syndrome, is one of the most common running injuries, but it’s treatable and preventable. Here’s how

Fallen Arches

Fallen Arches – Causes, Treatment And Exercises

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 15/05/2014 15:54pm

How to overcome fallen arches and run injury free

Triathlon nutrition

Nutrition For Triathlon: Time It Right

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 14/05/2014 06:00am

Time your nutrition right and perform at your best with ‘functional eating’, says Dr Robert Portman

Triathlon Run Training: More Speed, Less Fatigue

Best Run Training For Ironman

| Running, Triathlon Training | 12/05/2014 15:03pm

Blaze through your Ironman marathon with the help of these tough run training drills

Best Ironman triathlon bikes 2013

Best Bike Training For Ironman

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 12/05/2014 15:02pm

Set a blistering pace in your Ironman with these gruelling bike training drills

The field in Kona is the toughest on the planet so prearation is key  (Photo: Bakke-Svensson/Ironman)

Best Swim Training For Ironman

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 12/05/2014 15:01pm

Be a stronger, faster swimmer and nail your Ironman from the start with these swimming drills.

How to prevent runner's trots

How To Prevent Runner’s Trots

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 11/05/2014 17:47pm

Avoid the dreaded runner’s trots with the right prevention and you’ll fly on the run

Signs of Dehydration - Causes and Treatment

Signs Of Dehydration, Causes And Treatment

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 11/05/2014 17:11pm

Spot the signs to avoid dehydration and maintain performance when competing

How to stop leg cramps

How To Stop Leg Cramps

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 11/05/2014 15:58pm

Cramps are a common running and cycling injury, here’s how to avoid them

How to stop chafing while running

How To Stop Chafing While Running

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 11/05/2014 15:30pm

Chafing – treatment and prevention for this common running injury

Black Toenails - treatment and prevention

Black Toenails – Treatment and Prevention

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 11/05/2014 15:05pm

Black toenails can ruin races and hamper your running – here’s how to treat and prevent them

Athlete's foot - symptoms and treatment for runners

Athlete’s Foot – Symptoms And Treatment

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 11/05/2014 13:35pm

How to treat athlete’s foot – 4 easy tips for this common running ailment

The field in Kona is the toughest on the planet so prearation is key  (Photo: Bakke-Svensson/Ironman)

Nine Of The Best Ironman Workouts

| Triathlon Training | 09/05/2014 08:00am

Beat Kona and reach the pinnacle of Ironman triathlon with nine Ironman training sessions

Ironman bike training: pacing

Five Ways To Pace Your Ironman Bike

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 08/05/2014 06:00am

Learn how to pace yourself on the bike so you can fulfil your potential in your Ironman race, says Garth Fox


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