swim 2

How to optimise your race pace

| Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 18/11/2015 10:36am

Swim coaches Rachel Perry and Graeme Cox reveal how to get the best from tempo trainers

alice tri

Q & A with triathlete Alice Hector

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 17/11/2015 11:13am

TriRadar speaks with elite triathlete and world sprint triathlon champion Alice Hector, the brand ambassador for Nutrition X.


Boost winter with vital pedaling drills

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 16/11/2015 11:30am

Lead cycle coach Santi Brage gives you a sneaky peak at Brighton tri club’s turbo training plans.

crew routine 11

Pre-swimming stretches

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 13/11/2015 13:39pm

Get the most out of your swimming performance with these pre-swim dynamic stretches courtesy of Leanne Garner.

crew routine 6

Stretching before you run

| Running, Triathlon Training | 13/11/2015 11:24am

Leanne Garner continues her training tips with her pre-run essentials.

crew routine 2

How to get your pre-ride stretch on

| Cycling, Race Day Tips, Triathlon Training | 12/11/2015 12:14pm

Core and flexibility coach Leanne Garner reveals her top dynamic stretches to warm you up for each training session.

best 2016 3

Prepare for 2016 Part 3: Planning for the race season

| Triathlon Training | 10/11/2015 11:12am

When you spend hours and hours training hard, it makes sense to devote some quality time to planning your race season. Now is the ideal time to get stuck in. Here’s how…

best 2016 2

Prepare for 2016 Part 2: Five things to think about

| Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 06/11/2015 11:15am

Now that you don’t need to train so much, you’ll hopefully have more time on your hands. Here are a few things to mull over while you have your feet up

best 2016 1

Prepare for 2016 Part 1: Off season training advice

| Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 05/11/2015 11:11am

As your race calendar starts to thin out, coaching editor Phil Mosley explains how to utilise the off season to make sure you’re in the best possible shape for next year. Words: Phil Mosley Images: CastleTriathlonSeries

runner knee

Rectify Runner’s Knee

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 29/10/2015 09:29am

There’s nothing more frustrating than a running injury knocking you off your training. We spoke to Six Physio’s Rachel Whittaker to find out how to fix it.


Fast forward your descent

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 28/10/2015 10:55am

Head coach Luke McCarthy gives his top tips on how to improve your downhill technique


One Pro Cycling riders take part in “Sufferfest”

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 21/10/2015 14:39pm

Professional riders from the ONE Pro Cycling team – Chris Opie and George Harper – took part in the world premiere of the latest video from The Sufferfest at David Lloyd Leisure in Raynes Park.

tri training

Fundamentals – Join the gang

| Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 19/10/2015 10:43am

Being part of a training group will provide more than just performance benefits, there’s a wealth of knowledge and support too, says Berkshire Tri Squad coach Ed Nunn

running feet

How to put your running to the fore

| Running, Triathlon Training | 16/10/2015 10:45am

Berkshire Tri Squad coach Gope Walker explains why you should avoid the dreaded heel strike and easy ways to fix it

shin splints

Preventing and Treating Shin Splints

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 14/10/2015 11:17am

Simply Feet’s guide to preventing a common affliction

bike zone

Fast forward your descent

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 13/10/2015 11:14am

Berkshire Tri Squad Head coach Luke McCarthy gives his top tips on how to improve your downhill technique

step up 6

Step up to a 70.3: Part 2

| Cycling, Running, Swimming, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 09/10/2015 11:36am

Part two of our guide to getting up to the standard of a 70.3

step up 1

Step up to a 70.3: Part 1

| Cycling, Running, Swimming, Triathlon Training | 08/10/2015 10:36am

If you’re thinking about going long but not sure where to start, we’ve got all the answers. Words Phil Mosley. Images Ironman / Getty Images


Correct: Cyclists neck

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 01/10/2015 11:25am

Follow Six Physio Clinic director Rachel Whittaker’s advice to solve this common cycling pain suffered by triathletes

pyramid swim

Crank up your pool training

| Swimming, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 29/09/2015 13:24pm

Sprint swimming is the key to improvement, says Bath Amphibians coach Ben Matthews

This Girl Can

The Gym Group partners with This Girl Can for a free ‘friends weekend’

| Triathlon Training | 24/09/2015 17:04pm

Women across the UK are being invited to come along with a friend for a free weekend of fitness across 48 Gym Group sites on 3 and 4 October , 2015.

strength conditioning

Strength and conditioning

| Injuries, Triathlon Training | 24/09/2015 10:41am

It’s not much but what you do – Time to integrate some quality strength and conditioning into your training, says Bath Amphibians coach Ben Matthews

Race a duathlon in six weeks triathlon training plan

Vo2’s beginner’s guide to triathlon

| Race Day Tips, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 18/09/2015 10:29am

Tailored especially for women, Vo2 has published an in-depth guide to training for your first triathlon , incorporating tips from Leah Peploe, International GB Junior Triathlete and Director at Vo2 Sportswear, Matt Tomkin.

emma palent

Emma Pallant’s top training tips for Windsor Triathlon

| Race Day Tips, Triathlon Training | 14/09/2015 12:44pm

  Emma Pallant, Team GB triathlete, shares her top training tips ahead of her appearance at the 26th edition of the Windsor Triathlon. Inspired by the Greek phrase TOLMAO, which means “to dare, endure and be bold”, Emma reveals advice for the best possible preparation. Time it – The best time to start training for […]

lunge walk 2

Pick up your running pace

| Running, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 08/09/2015 12:21pm

Incorporate plyometric moves into your warm ups and they will allow you to run faster and reduce risk of injury, says Bath Amphibians coach Ben Matthews


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