Time to go strong

| Cycling, Running, Triathlon Training | 28/01/2016 10:00am

Lynne Cantwell of Six Physio explains which muscle-building exercises will boost your race times and keep you injury free. 

surrey tri

Convert your bike skills to triathlon

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 19/01/2016 09:29am

Guy Hainsworth explains the differences between road cyclists and triathletes when it comes to race-day gains.

Benchmark 2

How to: Benchmark yourself through the off-season – Part 2

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 03/12/2015 12:19pm

We continue our off-season training with Clapham Chasers‘ coach, Tim George.

clapham bike

Drills to charge your pedal power

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 25/11/2015 09:54am

Triathletes who can hold their own on hill climbs often find they struggle on the flat. Dan Holmes of Clapham Chasers explains how to boost your bike leg.


Boost winter with vital pedaling drills

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 16/11/2015 11:30am

Lead cycle coach Santi Brage gives you a sneaky peak at Brighton tri club’s turbo training plans.

crew routine 2

How to get your pre-ride stretch on

| Cycling, Race Day Tips, Triathlon Training | 12/11/2015 12:14pm

Core and flexibility coach Leanne Garner reveals her top dynamic stretches to warm you up for each training session.


Fast forward your descent

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 28/10/2015 10:55am

Head coach Luke McCarthy gives his top tips on how to improve your downhill technique


One Pro Cycling riders take part in “Sufferfest”

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 21/10/2015 14:39pm

Professional riders from the ONE Pro Cycling team – Chris Opie and George Harper – took part in the world premiere of the latest video from The Sufferfest at David Lloyd Leisure in Raynes Park.

bike zone

Fast forward your descent

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 13/10/2015 11:14am

Berkshire Tri Squad Head coach Luke McCarthy gives his top tips on how to improve your downhill technique

step up 6

Step up to a 70.3: Part 2

| Cycling, Running, Swimming, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 09/10/2015 11:36am

Part two of our guide to getting up to the standard of a 70.3

step up 1

Step up to a 70.3: Part 1

| Cycling, Running, Swimming, Triathlon Training | 08/10/2015 10:36am

If you’re thinking about going long but not sure where to start, we’ve got all the answers. Words Phil Mosley. Images Ironman / Getty Images


How to develop your cornering confidence

| Cycling, Race Day Tips, Triathlon Training | 03/09/2015 21:57pm

Fast bends lead to faster times when you’re on two wheels

DIY bike maintenance

DIY bike maintenance

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 06/08/2015 16:12pm

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to grease up…

Ride real world aero

Ride real world aero

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 27/07/2015 15:36pm

Slicing minutes off your bike leg need not mean taking out another mortgage. Sport scientist Garth Fox explains how to grab yourself some cheap speed…

Ironman bike

5 tips to race your fastest Ironman bike leg

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 24/07/2015 20:36pm

This monster of a challenge is nothing like a sprint or olympic distance triathlon. It takes careful training and a strong race day plan to avoid those common pitfalls in the Ironman bike leg…

Top up your traning for sprint triathlon

Top up your training for a sprint triathlon

| Cycling, Running, Swimming, Triathlon Training | 07/07/2015 15:21pm

Tri coach Phil Mosley offers up some simple workouts across all three disciplines for your sprint triathlon…

Fix your first-time race mistakes

Fix first-time race mistakes

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 18/05/2015 16:04pm

Steer clear of trouble in your first triathlon bike leg by avoiding these classic errors…

Get your long rides right

Triathlon training: get your long rides right

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 20/04/2015 16:59pm

Lose the excuses and start gaining miles on the bike – you’ll be glad you did on race day!

Turbo trainer

Is cycling on a turbo trainer better than riding outside?

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 10/04/2015 16:22pm

Coaching editor Phil Mosley took to the garden shed over winter – and not because he’d found a new hobby…

ride you fastest 15km in 6 weeks

Ride your fastest 15km in 6 weeks triathlon training plan

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 08/04/2015 14:26pm

Train to run a faster TT while maintaining your swim and run speed, says coach Phil Mosley. 

Ride faster this spring

Ride faster this spring

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 19/03/2015 11:27am

Pep up your spring training with these six simple sessions to ride faster, all taking an hour or less…

Speed up your T2

Speed up your T2

| Cycling, Race Day Tips, Running, Triathlon Training | 24/02/2015 11:52am

Run faster with your bike to shave seconds off your next multi-sport race. Are you ready to speed up your T2?

Best tri bike training tips

Best tri bike training tips

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 26/01/2015 15:09pm

Take on 2015 armed with the seven best tri bike tricks we’ve learned in the last year…

Master the Superman 2

Master the Superman

| Cycling, Running, Swimming, Triathlon Training | 02/01/2015 12:15pm

Build your core strength and stabilise your body during swim/bike/running.   1. Get in line Start the Superman on all fours. The object of it is to perform the movement without shifting your weight to one side or the other so once you’re on all fours, make sure you’re lined up nicely with your knees hip-width […]

Get flexible to ride faster

Get better aerodynamics with increased flexibility

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 20/12/2014 09:05am

Flexibility can help you achieve more pedal power and better aerodynamics, says Morgan Lloyd.  The optimal cycling position for triathlon is often described as a balance between sustainability and aerodynamics. Physiological components such as flexibility, strength and stability are vital, but are often overlooked in the search for a more aggressive riding position. Ignoring them […]


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