Perfecting your nutrition plan can make all the difference

Fuelling Your Triathlon

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 15/06/2012 05:30am

Nail your Ironman race-day nutrition with the latest science


Healthy Snacking

| Nutrition | 08/06/2012 11:53am

Grazing on snacks during this summer’s sport? Kick out the junk and go for fruit and nuts

Triathlon Nutrition 2

When To Drink During A Triathlon

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 01/06/2012 09:52am

We caught up with exercise physiologist and medic Professor Tim Noakes for some triathlon hydration advice

Making sure your diet suits your body is key

Is Food Intolerance Holding You Back?

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 11/05/2012 05:30am

Excessive tiredness or just the runner’s trots? Our experts give you the lowdown on food sensitivities

Top British pro Emma-Kate Lidbury has seen great improvements from Neovite colostrum

Avoiding Gastrointestinal Distress

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 30/04/2012 10:00am

For triathletes competing in long or hot events, gut permeability is something well worth consideration

Getting your nutrition right is an often under-valued key to race success

Does Good Food Make You A Faster Triathlete?

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 10/02/2012 05:00am

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of a good diet, but can it actually make you go faster in triathlon?


Fix Your Posture

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 30/12/2011 05:00am

How to diagnose your own posture and how changing it can make you stronger and faster.

Sweating cools the body, but means losing precious electrolytes

Triathlon Hydration: Know Your Sweat

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 25/11/2011 05:00am

Triathlon hydration is incredibly important for a great race performance. Dr Ian Rollo of the Gatorade Sports Science Institue shows you how to test you sweat to optimise fluid intake.

Could giving some carbs the push get you a new PB? (Photo: Christian Cable)

Triathlon Nutrition: Gluten Free Diet

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 28/10/2011 09:00am

Triathlon nutrition and especially pre-race nutrition often literally boils down to bowls of pasta and filling up on carbs, but could this actaully be slowing you down? We investigate a gluten-free triathlon diet.

Ensuring you eat and drink right is as important as any other aspect of training

10 Triathlon Diet Mistakes

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 07/10/2011 04:00am

Triathletes need to pay attention to their diet, says nutritionist to the pros and Triathlon Plus contributor Sally Pinnegar. See how many of these fuelling traps you fall into – your worst enemy might be on your plate.

Triathlon Nutrition - Steve Trew column

The Defining Moment

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs, Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 06/07/2011 17:35pm

Triathlon Plus/TriRadar columnist Steve Trew pinpoints the moment he ditched cake and beer for an athlete’s mentality.

Triathlon Nutrition - Hydration

Don’t Drink Too Much

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 25/05/2011 09:23am

Good hydration is the key to getting you home and dry on race day, says Dr Kevin Currell.

Triathlon Nutrition - Energy bars

Best Energy Bars For Triathlon Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 18/05/2011 16:01pm

We’ve reviewed the best energy bars for triathlon to give you the verdict on nutrition in your next race

Triathlon Reviews - SIS Go energy drink

SIS GO Electrolyte Drink Review

| Gear, Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 29/04/2011 05:00am

This energy drink won two awards in issue 27 of Triathlon Plus – find out why.

nutrition for triathlon

Nutrition for Triathlon: Eating Enough

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 18/03/2011 05:00am

Getting your nutrition for triathlon right can be tricky: how do you eat enough to race fast, without gaining a ton? Kevin Currell from the English Institute of Sport, and a regular Triathlon Plus contributor, explains.

Triathlon Nutrition - Lose Weight Like The Pros

Pro Diet Secrets Revealed

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 07/01/2011 16:19pm

Lose weight the way the pros do, and get yourself in peak condition for preseason training.

Getting your nutrition right is an often under-valued key to race success

The 10 Best Ways To Lose Weight

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 07/01/2011 16:12pm

Have you over-indulged this Christmas and New Year? We’ve got some excellent tips to lose the festive paunch in a sensible and healthy way.

Losing weight for triathlon

Winter Triathlon Training: Does Losing Weight Make You Faster?

| Cycling, Nutrition, Running, Triathlon Training | 01/01/2011 09:00am

Coaching editor Phil Mosley investigates whether your New Year’s resolution to lose weight will really help come summer

Triathlon Nutrition - 24 Hour Food Diary

The 24-Hour Fuel Diary

| Nutrition, Pro Triathlon, Race Day Tips, Triathlon Training | 02/09/2010 07:47am

What exactly should be on the menu for the 24 hours either side of your Olympic-distance race? Follow our advice and you won’t go far wrong…

Triathlon Nutrition - Beetroot

Beetroot: Can It Keep You Going Longer?

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 01/09/2010 11:29am

A new theory has triathletes seeing red, but you’ll need a strong stomach to test it out…

Triathlon Nutrition - Alcohol

Alcohol: Will It Ruin My Race?

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 31/08/2010 16:00pm

Nobody suggests that drinking to excess will improve your PB, but just how much does the occasional tipple affect your training?

Sports Nutrition - Sugars

Sugars: The Truth

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 31/08/2010 12:53pm

Traditionally thought of as ‘the evil’ in the health and fitness world, sugars can actually be an athlete’s energy boosting best friend – provided they are taken properly…

Triathlon Superfoods - Fish

Triathlon Superfoods

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 31/08/2010 11:49am

To get the best out of your body, you have to put the best in, so make sure you include these simple staples in your diet…

Triathlon Nutrition - Caffeine

Does A Caffeine Hit Really Help?

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 31/08/2010 11:48am

The fact is, caffeine works. Although not all studies have shown the effects of caffeine on endurance performance, most well-conducted studies have shown an improved endurance capacity after ingesting caffeine at a dose of 3mg/kg to 9mg/kg, says leading sports nutritionist Dr Asker Jeukendrup…


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