4Distance Tri Top Review

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We test the new long-sleeve triathlon top from 4Distance

4Distance Tri Top4Distance Tri Top

We’re surprised there aren’t more long-sleeved triathlon tops on the market, so it’s great that a brand that designs and manufactures its products in Britain is innovating with this kind of garment.

The 4Distance Tri Top utilises different materials in its panelling, with the white sections made from a sheer, ultra-light fabric that’s fast wicking, fast-drying and UV protective.

The black fabric features a carbon core yarn designed to improve temperature management and reduce odours. Finally, the two-tone sleeves have a mesh pattern to prevent overheating while still protecting from the sun.

The top is closely cut, hugging the ribs but giving the 4Distance Tri Top core room to move. For swimming, it’s best worn under a wetsuit as it felt quite draggy through the water – mostly down to the fairly low cut – though shoulder mobility was mostly unaffected.

Its length also meant it rode up a bit on the bike, catching the wind unless pulled down. One teething problem was that when on aerobars, we found it stretched taut across the shoulders, adding pressure to the back of the neck – though this could just be a fitting issue.

The large rear pockets held plenty of gels securely while cycling, though were a bit bouncy during running. Aside from this, it was faultless on the run with no rubbing or over-compression, keeping things comfortable and protected from the sun.


A fantastically practical concept that needs honing but has nevertheless resulted in a quality top




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