Aqua Sphere K180 Goggles Review

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We review Aqua Sphere’s amazing K180 triathlon goggles

Aqua Sphere K180 goggles

Aqua Sphere K180 goggles

These new goggles offer a great solution for people who want tri-friendly wide vision but a smaller, pool-racing style frame. As the name implies, the K180 are designed to give 180-degree vision. They don’t give the completely unrestricted view that triathlon-specific masks or big-lensed goggles do – Aqua Sphere’s tried-and-tested Kayenne being a very good example – but losing a barely noticeable area of vision in return for a much more snug and leak-free fit seems worth it to us.

Using the same curved lens technology as in their existing range of 180-degree vision goggles, Aqua Sphere have managed to create the perfect meeting point between wide vision and small, hydrodynamic goggles. Because the lens and frame are curved against the face, the join with the straps is ‘cleaner’ with integrated side loops to create less drag in the water. Aside from the hydrodynamic benefits of having a smaller lens, the pool-race shape also helps to give a much more secure fit, so the chances of having the goggles knocked off or becoming dislodged and leaking in rough water are lessened.

The soft, silicone-free seal is secure without undue pressure and caused us no discomfort on long swims. We had no problems with fogging either, even in cold open water. The goggles are available with clear and ‘smoke’ lenses and Aqua Sphere say they offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. There are also three widths of nose bridge to make sure they fit you perfectly, and a Lady version for a better female fit.



Brilliant pool-racing style goggles with tri-friendly wide vision




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