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Asics Run LED Review

| Gear | Running Gear | 25/01/2013 05:30am
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We reveal our verdict on the Asics run LED.

Asics Run LEDAsics run led


While winter means there’s more dark than light in a 24-hour period, even summer evening runs can require that you need to be seen by other myopic road and trail users. Asics, like many others, are now making that job easier for you by incorporating a small red LED light into a nylon clip pouch which you can attach to your clothing, your laces or even as a rear ‘tail’ light on a bag. A simple toggle switch allows you to choose between constant and blinking modes according to need. The light is bright enough, though not quite up there with some of the red rear bike LEDs we’ve used. We’ve been using this one since the clocks changed for about an hour a night and the replaceable CR2032 battery is still going strong.



The handy plastic clip allows easy positioning for this bright LED.




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