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Best Carbon Aero Wheels For Triathlon Review 2011

| Bikes & Cycling Gear | Gear | 16/09/2011 08:00am
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We’ve reviewed 18 of 2011′s best carbon aero wheels for triathlon but which will give you the ultimate race-day advantage?

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Vision Trimax T42


Weight 821g + 959g = 1,780g


These mid-section wheels from FSA are a tight, tidy easy-handling semi-aero set-up for the money. The 42mm section rim doesn’t carve the wind as well as deeper sets, but it’s less likely to be blown about in more gusty  conditions. While weight is average, the fact that there’s less in the rims mean they light up easily under power and they climb better than most deeper wheels too. The hand-built straight-pull bladed spoke build gives a very tight and accurate feel overall, and braking is consistent. That makes them more versatile than most deeper section wheels in terms of course profile, wind conditions and bike suitability. FSA wheels have a good reputation for long-term smoothness, and these have spun sweetly throughout extended testing. Quick-release levers are good quality too, and you even get tyre covers.


A really versatile, user friendly, high-quality semi-aero wheel at a very good price.

Performance 4/5

Value 4/5

Overall 4/5

Triathlon Plus Top Value Award, issue 30

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