Best Waterproof Cycling Jackets Review 2012

| Bikes & Cycling Gear | Gear | 20/09/2012 05:30am
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We review 18 of the best waterproof cycling jackets for 2012

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When it started hosing it down back in June we thought we might as well get all our test jackets in early before summer appeared. Thanks to regular torrential storms and almost permanent potential showers, the summer turned out to be perfect for testing. With one jacket on and two more stuffed in pockets, we swerved from black cloud to bouncing deluge and steaming climb, swapping shells as went. As well as some days that felt like winter, we also had some warm but wet days that cut breathability boosting temperature differential to a minimum and tested even the best fabrics to their limits. The result is the most exhaustive, accurate real-world-riding jacket test you’ll find.


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