Best Two Piece Tri Suits Review

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We’ve reviewed 12 of the best two piece tri suits to find out which will keep you comfortable in your next triathlon.

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Foor Men’s Zip Top and Tri Shorts

£39.99, £34.99,

This may not be the most stylish or high-tech suit we’ve ever tested but it just about gets the job done. It’s all made from the same robust material that’s not especially quick drying or light. The vest top has two food pockets that you can access easily from the side, but they’re too loose, and one of our gels fell out during a run. The shorts have a nice padded insert, which is thin and dense and takes the bite out of most saddles. It also means you can run freely without feeling like you’re wearing a nappy. However, our tester thought the seams were a bit too rough and could rub during a long race. If you’re not racing too far, though, the price is brilliant for a full set of separates.



Bargain tri separates that will see you through most shorter races.

Performance 2/5

Value 3/5

Overall 3/5

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