Best Running Shoes For Triathlon Review 2012

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We review 12 of the best triathlon running shoes to get you out of T2 faster than ever.

Brooks T7 Racer

The T7 hasn’t changed since we last tested except in the price, which has gone up slightly, but it’s still at the lowest end of the cost spectrum. The price reflects the fact that there’s not a lot of shoe here, but for some athletes – Chrissie Wellington among them – that’s exactly what’s required. It’s the lightest road shoe in Brooks’ range and the third lightest in our test at 184g and, if you’ve got good biomechanics, that makes it a pleasure to run fast in. Superb flexibility from the Hyper Pod sole, combined with a low-profile, no-drop midsole, gives excellent feel for the ground. There’s some gel padding in the heel but this isn’t a stable or particularly well cushioned shoe; it’s for short races up to Olympic distance unless you share Wellington’s slim frame and easy gait. Assymetric lacing went down well with our testers, helping reduce soreness across the top of the foot, but we found the fit long and narrow.

A no-nonsense, solid value shoe that will suit light and efficient runners best.

Performance 4/5
Value 4/5
Overall 4/5


Puma Faas 350

We didn’t have high hopes for this very simple looking shoe, but it gave our tester a pleasant surprise and its versatility and technology makes it a great value option. It’s designed as a speedwork trainer as well as race shoe, so there’s a lot of cushioning in the wide, fairly flat sole which has a low heel-to-toe drop for better responsiveness. It also gives some stability with a big dual-density section of foam in the midsole. Puma’s EverTrack outsole rubber (the black sections) is there to give extra durability but we also found it had brilliant traction in the forefoot, which helps you paw along the ground. Bulky cushioning in the upper and what looks like a boxy shape gave the impression this might not feel like a fast shoe, but that great road feel and a surprisingly firm ride means it treads the line between supportive, cushy ride and fast-feeling performance really well. Faster runners will still find this a bit too pillowy but for overpronators it’s a great racing shoe.

Bulky but light and surprisingly responsive shoe for overpronators.

Performance 4/5
Value 5/5
Overall 4/5

Triathlon Plus Top Value Award, issue 45


Mizuno Wave Musha 4

The Musha is one of the heaviest shoes here and that’s thanks in part to generous cushioning along the sole and big areas of high-durability X10 rubber on the outsole. That means this is a good shoe for anyone racing longer distances or wanting a shoe that can double up for most of their fast training runs. However, the sacrifice you make for that extra padding is that you lose some of the ground feel; there’s good grip from the X10 rubber but the flatter profile of the sole seemed to give a more detached feeling. It’s designed for heel strikers and cleverly shaped to help keep forward momentum, so there’s a curved, low-profile heel, a supple Wave plate (plastic wave-shaped unit in the midsole that absorbs shock) and curved forefoot that all help give a smooth heel-to-toe transition. We found the upper a bit fussy; the open mesh is really breathable but there are loads of overlays which add bulk and stop the shoe being really snug.

A well-cushioned, solidly built shoe that’s good for speed training and longer races.

Performance 3/5
Value 4/5
Overall 3/5



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