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We review the best mini bike lights that will keep you safe in the dark.

Best Mini Bike Lights

1. Blackburn Flea 2.0 usb (r)/ Super Flea (f)
£24.99 / £34.99

The lights recharge via the magnetic contacts of a separate small USB stick. Three lighting modes and four LEDs give the bright rear up to 12 hours flashing use from a 1.5 hour charge, and the powerful 105 Lumen Super Flea front light offers three hours in flashing mode or one hour steady light after just four hours charging.

Overall: 4/5

2.  Lezyne Femto Drive
£21.99 pair

Lezyne’s  back-up lights have a large lens over their single LED that is also the on/off switch. A replaceable rubber bungee provides easy fitting, and the rear mount is angled to stay level when fixed to a seatpost. Five lighting modes give a 15 Lumens output, for between 30 and 60 hours of use from a pair of watch batteries.

Overall: 4/5

3.  Moon Gem 2.0 LED
£25 each

These neat lights are identical apart from their colour. Three LEDs emit between 8 and 16 Lumens, and four lighting modes – high, low, strobe and flashing – give from three to over six hours use. The Lithion-Ion battery has a low charge indicator and recharges in two hours via a USB port. A ladder-type rubber strap makes fitting them simple.

Overall: 3/5

4.  Knog Blinder

The LED Blinders cleverly incorporate their USB charging contacts in to the mounting bracket. A rubber bungee with a secure cam-lock lever holds the lights in place, and their robust one-piece casings are waterproof. The 11 Lumens output is piercingly bright. One constant and four flashing modes give between two and 11 hours output depending on the mode you’ve selected.

Overall: 3/5

5.  Cateye Loops
£19.99 pair

These back-up lights are secured by an elastic bungee cord with a hooked adjustable spring clip, allowing them to fit almost anywhere on a bike, or dangle from clothing or bags. The domed section doubles as the on/off switch, and the illuminated translucent body gives great all-round visibility. Expect from 30-50 hours use in constant or flashing modes, and good durability.

Overall: 3/5

6.  Exposure Flash, Flare & Spark Charger

The Flash front light has a 40 Lumen output. The optional rechargeable batteries and Spark charger  raise that to 110 Lumens. The 75 Lumens output from the Flare rear light doesn’t change, but only runs  for three hours. The lights snap into cradles fastened with silicone bungees. There’s an optional saddle rail fitting for aero bikes.

Overall: 5/5

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