Bont Sub-9 Cycling Shoes Review

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We test the super-stiff Bont sub-9 triathlon shoes

Bont sub-9 cycling shoe
Bont sub-9

These triathlon-specific Bont sub-9 bike shoes arrived too late for our recent grouptest, but use the same ‘bathtub’ style carbon fibre outsole as the company’s top road shoes, which wraps the sides of the foot and heel in carbon. It’s incredibly stiff, with each shoe feeling snug, protected and supported like no other cycling footwear we’ve used.

The carbon and upper materials are heat mouldable – as many times as you need in your home oven. It takes a bit of force to effect changes, but taking time to tune them to your feet pays dividends. The man-made microfibre uppers are tough and though they don’t have any mesh, Bont has added a perforated section over the toes to draw in some drying air.

The Bont signature cut is low around the ankle, making them feel open and airy. Getting into the sub-9s is easy and fast, with a massive rubber heel pull-tab and only a single ‘Z’ style Velcro strap to draw the tongueless upper together. The shoes feel secure and comfortable on, and if you’ve got to trot your bike in or out of transition you’ll be glad of the thick rubber heel pad on the carbon outsole to give you a little grip.


Easy-on, custom-fit tri shoes with impressive stiffness for racing and training




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