Cobb Cycling V-Flow Max Saddle Review

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We review this stunning triathlon saddle from Cobb Cycling.

Cobb V-Flow Max Saddle ReviewCobb Cycling V-Flow Max saddle

For those athletes who have struggled to find a comfy position on regular saddles during triathlon, the Cobb V-Flow Max could well be the answer to your prayers. With a deep cutaway and lowered nose section for pressure relief, we haven’t experienced a single episode of numbness after hundreds of miles on the saddle. The padding of this relatively narrow perch is firm but extremely comfy whether in an aero tuck or sat up, while the low nose allows rotation of the pelvis to increase that all-important hip angle. Getting off the bike and running was a pleasure with no pins and needles or other discomfort to compromise race day performance. The rails are extra long to allow plenty of fore-aft adjustment and while it’s not super light at 270g, its practicality overcomes the weight penalty. Considering the incredible comfort and circulation-saving design, it’s also worth every penny.


Pressure-free, comfy and adjustable; the best triathlon saddle we've ever tested




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