Continental Grand Prix TT Tyres Review

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We reveal our verdict on these tyres in our Continental Grand Prix TT tyres review.


Continental Grand Prix TT tyres

Continental Grand Prix TT tyres

The first clincher tyres to beat tubs in a World Championship Time Trial, Continental’s latest TT tyres are a surprisingly useable speed upgrade.

By using just a thin skin of tread with a slick centre strip, these handmade German tyres weigh just 178g each. They feel beautifully supple when combined with Continental’s ultra-light Supersonic inner tubes and they absolutely fly, even on rough roads. Despite having run them through a very wet summer, we never felt any doubt about how hard we could push the ‘Black Chili’ rubber compound through corners and the Vectran protective layer has kept us puncture-free too. They’re certainly a race rather than high-mileage tyre though and make sure you don’t skid them or you’ll tear that veneer of tread to pieces. Maximum pressure of 120psi means ultra-hard tyre fans are still best sticking to tubs though.


Ultra-fast but surprisingly useable tub-beating clincher race tyres.


Performance 5/5
Value 4/5
Overall 4/5

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