Giro Selector Aero Helmet Review

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We review the new Giro Selector Aero Helmet.

Giro Selector Helmet ReviewGiro Selector Aero Helmet

Giro’s new aero lid has a position-tuneable tail for ultimate aerodynamics, but despite the innovation, it’s a struggle to get on and shockingly steamy.

The new Selector helmet comes with two distinctly different clip-on skirts for the lower half of the back of the helmet. The cutaway option fits along the spine of flat-backed riders, while the deeper tail is designed to smooth airflow in more upright body or head down positions. It’s a good idea that works well but unfortunately the rest of the helmet is very disappointing.

The ear flanges are a painful fight to get past and the skirt can easily come unclipped in the process, making it a nightmare to deal with in T1. Blocked mount holes meant the moveable tension arm for the rear cradle was a struggle to reposition securely. Mould lines on the temples also left painful marks until we carved them flat with a scalpel.

There are no front or top vents in the shell either, causing rapid heat build-up, sweat runs and repeated visor steaming even on sub-zero wind-chill winter rides Definitely not what we’d expect from a £240 helmet.


Good aero kit, but uncomfortable, under-ventilated and impractical for triathlon use.




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