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K-Edge Pro Road Chain Catcher review

| Bikes & Cycling Gear | Gear | 23/04/2013 17:12pm
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We test the handy K-Edge Pro Road Chain Catcher.

K-Edge Pro Chain Catcher

K-Edge Pro Chain Catcher

K-Edge Pro Road Chain Catcher

The K-Edge Pro Chain Catcher is a really simple, useful addition to your bike setup. A simple curved piece of light weight 6061 aluminium with an anodised finish, it bolts onto your front derailleur to protect your beloved bike frame from damage in the case of the chain dropping off the small chainring. This pro version has a second, smaller bolt that allows precise left-right adjustment of the catcher to get it as close as possible to the chainring without fouling the chain. We’ve had no chain problems on either round or oval Q-Rings since installation and the piece of mind this simple solution offers is well worth its 12g weight penalty.


An elegant solution to chain drops that's a must for race-day peace of mind.




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