Locean Labs Naked Surf Review

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We test this new chamois cream in our Locean Labs Naked Surf review.

Locean Labs Naked Surf Review

Locean Labs Naked Surf

Locean Labs Naked Surf

Hailing from Hawaii, this anti-chafing cream was first used by surfers looking to prevent or relieve board rash but triathletes are now finding solace in its natural anti-inflammatory properties. Not only does Naked Surf prevent rubbing in delicate areas, it’s also a great treatment for rashes and skin irritations. It rubs in easily and didn’t leave our hands greasy.

Given its intended use, it handles wetsuit swimming without a problem and continues providing protection into the cycle leg, although it doesn’t last as long as some dedicated bike creams do. As testing went on, though, we found ourselves using it more to soothe our thighs after long bike rides as the cream gives a satisfying cooling sensation.

A great performing swim, bike and run anti-chafing cream.

Performance 4/5
Value 3/5
Overall 4/5

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