Mavic R-Sys SLR Wheels Review

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We review the latest Mavic R-Sys SLR clincher wheelset

Mavic R-Sys SLR wheels
£1,600 a pair

Mavic R-Sys SLR wheels

The Mavic R-Sys SLR wheelset has been revised for 2013 and is packed with tech. ISM 3D machining keeps the rim weight low; the Exalith 2 graphite-colour coating on the machined brake tracks increases stopping power; and the Tracomp carbon tubular spokes offer exceptional stiffness.

Claimed weight is now 1,295g for the wheels and 1,835g including the Mavic Yksion tyres, though we weighed these at 1,361g and 1,911g respectively. Despite the difference, these are very light wheels and it really shows when heading uphill.

The Tracomp spokes create incredible lateral and drive stiffness, meaning sharper responses to steering and especially acceleration. This sensation is most tangible on a steep climb out of the saddle but it helps whenever you’re putting a lot of torque through the drivetrain or making big steering inputs. Only the likes of Lightweight come close.

Braking is fantastic, the machined rims hauling your speed down reliably in all conditions. The tyres, with front- and rear-specific designs, are also brilliant. They have excellent cornering grip, so they descend as well as they climb.

Triathlon Plus Gold Award, issue 54


One of the very best non-aero wheelsets around, but the price has jumped up




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