Moser Speed 105 First Ride Bike Review

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We put the Moser Speed 105 through its paces in our First Ride review

Triathlon Bikes - Moser Speed 105 Review


Francesco Moser was a legendary Italian road cyclist and record holder in the 1970s and ’80s and now his name is on a ninestrong road bike range that starts with the impressive Speed 105 here. First impressions are great, with the 105 groupset a real bargain at this price. The heat-treated alloy frame is OK, and there’s an external bearing bottom bracket and a replaceable gear hanger too.


The positive impressions continue as you head out for speed sessions. The main tubes aren’t big, but there’s enough stiffness in them to keep power on the rear wheel rather than wobbling all over. The Miche chain and cassette aren’t as quick or slick to change as proper Shimano items, but Miche wheels (with bladed spokes paired at the rear, radial at the front) pick up the pace quick enough.



The low weight of the Speed serves it well as the topography gets lumpy. The Omega chainset gets compact rings so you can spin climbs. You’ll need to back off pressure when shifting with the Miche chain and cogs, but the wheels are reassuringly tight under torque. The long stem can twist and weave if you’re wrestling with the bars, but that’s more a price point issue than one particular to this bike.



While cheap alloy bikes are stiff and unforgiving on long steady rides, the Moser is better than most. The carbon-fibre fork blades take some sting out of the bars across Tarmac acne and the comfy saddle does the same for your derrière. You’ll appreciate the broad ergonomics of the 105 levers, and barrel adjusters on the cable stops let you take up wire stretch on the fly.



This bike is a surprisingly fast, well-equipped and cultured ride at a remarkably good price

Price: £699

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