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Novatec Craft W999 Wheel Review

| Bikes & Cycling Gear | Gear | 09/02/2013 05:30am
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We review the Craft W999 Wheels from Novatec.


Craft-W999-WheelsNovatec Craft W999 wheels


These flagship deep-section wheels from top Taiwanese builder Novatec are a solid choice for riders who want to stand out from the pack as well as pull away from it. The 99mm deep carbon rims take tubular tyres so you’ll need to get Novatec’s W250 85mm deep wheels if you want to run clinchers. The vast fat carbon body hubs mean they’re not as heavy as they look at 807g front and 1,014g rear. Short, stiff bladed spokes mean they accelerate pretty well and turn precisely for deep wheels too. Curved grooves moulded into the rim flanks helps to stiffen the rim and smooth overall airflow that makes them slightly less stubborn to turn than conventional flat wheels. They’re certainly not as crosswind-friendly as the latest fat toroidal rims though and their serious stiffness makes long rides on a stiff bike fairly masochistic even with tubs.




Super stiff, deep mid-weight tub wheels that suit powerful riders on calmer days.




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