SealSkinz Mid Weight Mid Length Sock review

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We test these waterproof socks from SealSkinz.

SealSkinz Socks

SealSkinz mid weight Socks

SealSkinz Mid Weight Mid Length Sock

These mid-length socks from SealSkinz are ranked 3 out of 5 for thermal insulation, making them perfect for cool spring mornings. The smooth and completely waterproof liner does feel a little odd at first, but soon becomes a comfy haven for dry feet through sudden rain showers. The socks also kept the worst of blustery wind out, despite being used under some airy triathlon shoes.

The mid-calf length is great to combine with knee warmers to give you layering options if the weather brightens up. The fit is snug, but the thickness of the sock can make it a squeeze in tighter cycling shoes.

Merino wool keeps things warm without overheating the feet, making these a great choice to help make the transition from overshoes to regular socks while the weather’s still cold. £30 for a pair of socks does seem high, but as a totally waterproof protective layer, they work really well.


Great socks to keep the feet warm and dry on cold or wet days.




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