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Topeak PrepStand Race Workstand Review

| Bikes & Cycling Gear | Gear | 28/09/2013 05:30am
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We try out Topeak’s PrepStand Race workstand

Topeak PrepStand RaceTopeak PrepStand Race

Aero seatposts and time trial frames won’t always fit in the jaws of a standard workstand, and even if they do, you risk damaging your precious carbon. Topeak’s PrepStand Race avoids this by supporting the bike by its bottom bracket and either the fork legs or rear dropouts.

It’s perfectly stable for safe maintenance or washing, and the adjustable working height and ability to rotate the bike saves time and unnecessary bending. Made from aluminium, it weighs just 4.5kg, folds to 96x22cm and has its own carry bag, making it easy to transport.

The adjustable mounts can be used with standard quick-release hubs or 15mm/20mm mountain bike thru-axles, and there’s a handy folding hook to hang your front wheel on. The wide 130cm footprint is incredibly stable even on rough ground, and the stand can take a maximum of 25kg/55lb.


A superb home or event workstand that won’t damage your ride




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