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Torq Recovery Plus+ Review

| Gear | Nutrition | 06/04/2013 05:30am
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We review the new Torq Recovery Plus+ hot recovery drink.

Torq Recovery Plus+

Torq Recovery Plus+
£50 – 1.5kg, £22 – 500g

This new hot recovery drink from Torq features all the training benefit claims you’d expect. These include HMB for slowing muscle degradation, amino acids to buffer lactic build-up, cocoa antioxidants, potassium and sodium for fluid regulation, zinc for tissue repair and iron. Where it differs to other products is that it is designed to be drunk twice daily during hard training and used in addition to Torq’s regular recovery drinks to promote both recovery and performance enhancement. While we can’t comment on the veracity of this scientifically, we did feel good while using the drink – once the skin tingling sensation from the Beta-Alanine had faded. Recovery Plus+ also has a metallic, salty taste overpowering the chocolate that may put some off and at two drinks a day it’d end up costing around £35 per month plus the cost of the usual recovery drink.


An interesting concept for training nutrition but the tingling takes some getting used to.




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