Zensah Compression 3/4 Capri Review

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Get the low down on these ladies’ compression tights in our Zensah Compression 3/4 Capri review.

Zensah Compression 3/4 Capri Review

Zensah Compression 3/4 Capri

Zensah Compression 3/4 Capri

American brand Zensah are making their first steps into the UK market and our initial impressions are good. This capri is designed to be worn during and after running. It uses graduated compression, designed to give more support where it’s most needed and help with the removal of waste products from exercise. As far as its recovery benefits are concerned, there’s no discernible difference between this and the compression brands we’re used to – we felt a reduction in muscle soreness after running, but we can’t comment on whether that’s down to science or a placebo effect. However, we did find them really comfortable and supportive, with incredibly soft fabric and no seams. We found the waist a bit high for comfort but that’s a minor point. As long as the temperature’s above freezing, they’re warm enough for winter too.

Supportive, snug compression with enough freedom of movement for comfy running.

Performance 4/5
Value 4/5
Overall 4/5

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