Zipp 202 Firecrest CCL Wheels Review

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We review the stunning Zipp 202 Firecrest CCL wheels.

Zipp 202 Firecrest wheels reviewZipp 202 Firecrest CCL wheels

Zipp’s Firecrest technology, with its distinctive profile, has now made it to its 202 carbon clincher wheels with their 32mm deep rims. The principle behind the unique shape is that the rear half of the rim (the second leading edge) mimics the tyre – the front leading edge – to reduce drag to just 131g compared to 324g for a standard box section-type rims. Zipp also claims that the Firecrest 202 has a better aero performance than standard V-section aero wheels with rims up to 55mm deep – impressive for a 32mm deep wheel. At 1,375g the new 202’s low weight translates to instant acceleration and highly capable climbing. But where they excel is in blustery conditions, handling crosswinds better than the leading aluminium wheels we’ve tried. The braking matches the wheels’ consistent all-round performance, thanks to the included set of soft gummy Platinum Evo pads, which feature a 10 per cent greater braking surface area and disperse heat build-up. All in all, great handling, low weight, clincher convenience and brilliant braking seal the deal.


The best all-round wheelset now available – the only thing not to like is the high price.




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