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We have had the opportunity to review the Proviz Reflect 360 Jacket, the Proviz Reflect 360 Cycling Helmet and we commissioned a canine reviewer to put the Proviz 360 Waterproof Dog Jacket to the test!


The reflective nature of the kit is exceptional. While most reflective products rely on stripes or patterns, this is quite literally a 360 approach and the lights from cars could see us from a distance.


The women’s jacket (£129.99) is well fitting, has a lot of pockets and although it is designed as a cycling jacket, the lack of breathability doesn’t lend itself to a training jacket but works well for commuting and recreational cycling. The vents allow for the jacket to be worn in all weather conditions as on a cold day, with the vents closed, there is protection and when the weather is warmer, the vents provide a through flow of air.





The cycling helmet (£79.99) is not something you’d use for aerodynamics, but again, for commuting and safety, it is brilliant. There’s more than ‘just’ the 360 reflective shell as there are two integrated lights at the back for additional safety when cycling in the dark. It’s a comfortable helmet that’s easy to adjust and offers a feeling of security with the extra level of visability.





Not forgetting the canine family members, proviz designed a waterproof dog jacket (£24.99) with their 360 reflective technology.  This is lightweight, easy to put on with two velcro straps so it doesn’t have to go over your dog’s head and you don’t have to lift their paws. It is waterproof, in the areas of the dog it covers (!), but if it’s a windy day the back of the jacket does fly up a little bit. Harnesses fit well over the top too! As you can see in the picture with our ‘his and her’ proviz jackets, the reflective capabilities are brilliant.


  • Overall: 4 out of 5
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