2XU Compression Performance Run Sleeves Review

| Gear, Running Gear | 15/08/2014 06:00am

2XU Compression Performance Run Sleeves tested, rated and reviewed

Challenge Weymouth

Challenge Weymouth – One Month To Go

| Challenge Series News, Triathlon News | 14/08/2014 06:37am

Challenge Weymouth and the Weymouth Half triathlons are a month away – here’s what to look forward to on 14 September

(Photo: Michael Dannenberg)

Eat Like A Pro Triathlete

| Nutrition, Triathlon Training | 14/08/2014 06:00am

Drop fat and race triathlon faster by learning the nutritional lessons of triathlon’s elite athletes, says Sally Pinnegar


Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 13/08/2014 06:00am

Honey Stinger organic Energy chews tested, rated and reviewed


Best Chamois Cream Review

| Bikes & Cycling Gear, Gear | 12/08/2014 06:00am

Six of the best chamois creams tested, rated and reviewed


Huub Acute Goggles Review

| Gear, Wetsuits & Swimming Gear | 11/08/2014 06:00am

Huub Acute goggles tested, rated and reviewed


Sportful Hotpack 5 Review

| Bikes & Cycling Gear, Gear | 09/08/2014 06:00am

Sportful Hotpack 5 tested, rated and reviewed


Actipatch Back Pain Patch Review

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 08/08/2014 06:00am

Actipatch Back pain patch tested, rated and reviewed

Challenge Weymouth

Challenge Weymouth To Host 2015 ETU Long Distance Champs

| Challenge Series News, Triathlon News | 07/08/2014 20:45pm

Challenge Weymouth to host ETU European Long Distance Triathlon Championships in 2015

Change Crank Lengths

Will Shorter Cranks Make You Faster?

| Cycling, Triathlon Training | 07/08/2014 06:00am

Swap your set-up to shorter crank arms and you could reap benefits on both the bike and run, says Garth Fox


Superfeet Carbon Insoles Review

| Gear, Running Gear | 06/08/2014 06:00am

Superfeet carbon insoles tested, rated and reviewed


How To Exit The Water Fast

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 05/08/2014 06:00am

Finish your swim and get out of the water fast to blitz T1 on the way to a new triathlon PB


SiS Go Isotonic Energy Gel Review

| Gear, Nutrition | 04/08/2014 06:00am

SiS Go Isotonic Energy tested, rated and reviewed

The Old Timer (Peter Greenwood)

Steve Trew: Respect Due

| Blogs, Coaches' Blogs | 02/08/2014 06:00am

Steve Trew on the life, times and changes witnessed by an old-school triathlete


Polar V800 Review: Pro Tested

| Gear, Triathlon Tech | 01/08/2014 18:47pm

The Polar V800 GPS heart-rate monitor training watch is reviewed by pro triathlete Courtney Atkinson

How to stay calm in open water

How To Overcome Open-water Swimming Fear

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 31/07/2014 06:00am

Improve pacing and stay calm in open water with these strategies from Dr Izzy Justice and Dinah Mistilis


Zoggs Ballina Nix jammer Review

| Gear, Wetsuits & Swimming Gear | 30/07/2014 06:00am

Zoggs Ballina Nix jammer tested, rated and reviewed

Phil Graves cycling (Vicky Graves)

Phil Graves: Happy Campers

| Pro Triathlon | 29/07/2014 06:00am

Phil Graves gives his tips on how to survive a camp with triathlon’s most famous siblings – the Brownlees


Skechers GOrun Ride 3 Review

| Gear, Running Gear | 28/07/2014 06:00am

Skechers GOrun Ride 3 running shoes tested, rated and reviewed

Ironman Austria Finish (finisherpix)

Shonsel’s Blog: Ironman Austria

| Blogs, Triathlon Plus Team Blogs | 27/07/2014 06:00am

Shonsel’s first Ironman wasn’t an easy experience, but strength of will got her through it


Eccles Blog: The Great Divide

| Pro Triathlon | 26/07/2014 06:00am

Emma-Kate Lidbury celebrates our differences with a few observations from across the Pond


Best Clip On Tri Bars 2014

| Bikes & Cycling Gear, Gear | 25/07/2014 06:00am

12 of the best clip on tri bars tested, rated and reviewed


Best Running Stretches For Triathletes

| Running, Triathlon Training | 24/07/2014 12:28pm

Improve your running form by boosting your flexibility, says coaching editor Phil Mosley


Token Arsenal C590 Aero Wheels Review

| Bikes & Cycling Gear, Gear | 23/07/2014 06:00am

Token Arsenal C590 aero wheels tested, rated and reviewed

Tom Ironman Austria (Finisherpix)

Tom’s Blog: Ironman Austria

| Blogs, Triathlon Plus Team Blogs | 22/07/2014 06:00am

Tom made it through his first Ironman in Austria – just – but has he been bitten by the Ironman bug?


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