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Strength training

Five Myths of Strength Training

| Triathlon Training | 18/06/2014 06:00am

Strength training for triathlon: five myths busted

Triathlon Strength and Stability

Boost Strength And Stability In 30 Minutes

| Triathlon Training | 30/12/2013 06:00am

Increase triathlon performance with this 30-minute at-home strength and stability boosting routine


Best Dry Land Swim Workout For Triathlon

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 07/02/2013 05:30am

The 30 minute strength session to speed your triathlon swimming outside the pool, from Triathlon Plus SA Editor Glen Gore

Are crunches worthwhile? (Photo: Greg Habermann)

Triathlon Training: Stomach Crunches

| Triathlon Training | 02/12/2011 05:00am

Do endless stomach crunches improve triathlon performance? Spencer Smith investigates

Triathlon Weight Lifting

Winter Triathlon Training: Simple Strength Building

| Triathlon Training | 27/11/2010 11:40am

Boost your triathlon strength over winter with these simple weight lifting exercises

Pilates can be an excellent addition to your triathlon training programme (Photo: redcreadeporte)

Winter Triathlon Training: Core Strengthening

| Triathlon Training | 26/11/2010 17:15pm

Improve your core strength this winter to boost your triathlon times without braving the cold