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Strength Training

  • Build Your Strength With Single-Leg Squats

    Build Your Strength With Single-Leg Squats

    5th August 2017

    Troubleshoot injury hotspots and build lower body power with this quick move… Start tall Ideally you’ll do this exercise in front of a full-length mirror, so you can keep an eye on technique and look for potential weaknesses that you…

  • Strength and conditioning

    24th September 2015 1 Comment

    It’s not much but what you do – Time to integrate some quality strength and conditioning into your training, says Bath Amphibians coach Ben Matthews As with most endurance sports, there are significant performance gains to be had when you integrate a gym or core training…

  • Build swim strength fast

    30th March 2015 1 Comment

    Give your swimming power a shot in the arm (and back, and chest…) with these shortcuts… Good swimming technique is so crucial, and so lacking in so many of us, that it’s easy to focus almost exclusively on that and…

  • Five Myths of Strength Training

    18th June 2014

    Strength training for triathlon: five myths busted Strength training can improve your triathlon performances and prevent injuries – but it’s easy to get it wrong. When you work on specific muscles, you develop biofeedback loops, a fancy way of saying…

  • Boost Strength And Stability In 30 Minutes

    30th December 2013

    Increase triathlon performance with this 30-minute at-home strength and stability boosting routine Swiss ball plank Increases core stability around your trunk, to help reduce inefficient movements during swimming, cycling and running. Directions Lean with your forearms on the ball, keeping…

  • Best Dry Land Swim Workout For Triathlon

    7th February 2013

    The 30 minute strength session to speed your triathlon swimming outside the pool, from Triathlon Plus SA Editor Glen Gore. When you watch an Olympic freestyle swimmer knocking out a sub-15-minute for 1500m, you can only admire how easy they…

  • Triathlon Training: Stomach Crunches

    2nd December 2011

    Do endless stomach crunches improve triathlon performance? Spencer Smith investigates. Are crunches worthwhile? (Photo: Greg Habermann) We all know the challenges training for a triathlon can bring to one’s life. Time becomes a very precious commodity, especially for those who…

  • Winter Triathlon Training: Simple Strength Building

    27th November 2010

    Boost your triathlon strength over winter with these simple weight lifting exercises Building muscle strength with weights isn’t a priority in race season, but get into the habit as part of your winter triathlon training and you’ll stay injury-free and…

  • Winter Triathlon Training: Core Strengthening

    26th November 2010

    Improve your core strength this winter to boost your triathlon times without braving the cold Pilates can be an excellent addition to your triathlon training programme (Photo: redcreadeporte) Pilates classes in gyms are now regularly oversubscribed and even the most…