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  • MP Brand Launches CHRONOS Goggle

    MP Brand Launches CHRONOS Goggle

    26th February 2018

    Committed to developing outstanding products to help swimmers to achieve peak performance, the MP brand is launching the CHRONOS, a new FINA-approved Swedish-style swimming goggle. The CHRONOS by MP re-thinks this genre to deliver the largest distortion-free field of vision…

  • Moves To Get You Mobile

    Moves To Get You Mobile

    19th October 2017

    Tobina Wilson, clinic director at Six Physio, explains why mobility is important for triathletes and how you can improve your levels.

  • Five Tips for Swimrun

    Five Tips for Swimrun

    7th October 2017

    Choose your race wisely Start off with a short distance race such as an OtillO Sprint, then build up longer races. Most range from 25km to 50km. Be realistic about your fitness and ability, Swimrun is a challenging sport but…

  • Four Recovery Mistakes To Never Make Again

    Four Recovery Mistakes To Never Make Again

    9th September 2017

    Post-workout recovery is just as important as your actual workout. Recovery is where you reap the benefits of your efforts, allowing your muscles to repair and grow. A successful recovery process also helps you prevent injury, so you can continue…

  • Don’t Just Swim in Circles

    Don’t Just Swim in Circles

    7th September 2017

    Without the structure of a 25m pool or tri coach, it’s easy for your stroke to stagnate. Follow these three drills from Berkshire Tri Club Coach, Ian Lee-Emery, to keep your open-water training focused. Images Rosie Hallam   INTERVALS Alternate…

  • Sort Your Swimmer’s Shoulder

    Sort Your Swimmer’s Shoulder

    14th August 2017

    Many triathletes and high level swimmers suffer from shoulder pain so we asked Rachel Whittaker, clinical director at Six Physio, how to avoid and rehabilitate this common injury. How to diagnose it: Swimming predominately uses the upper body muscles (back,…