Triathlon Nutrition

  • Caffeine Gels

    Caffeine Gels

    7th December 2015

    There’s nothing like an energy gel to fire those empty legs, but which of these six energising pick-me-ups is most palatable and will give the biggest boost in your hour of need?

  • Recipe: super lean tuna burgers

    27th August 2015

    Eating healthily doesn’t have to be complicated, explains Gill Cummings-Bell… You have to be careful with the farming and canning of tuna so try to choose mercury free and organic if possible. Tuna has a high vitamin and mineral content, particularly when it comes to…

  • Recipe: lovely lamb tagine

    16th July 2015

    Exercise and nutrition scientist Gill Cummings-Bell explains how this month’s tasty dish packs a mighty protein punch… Nutritional info on the lovely lamb tagine: Lamb is a grade one protein, which means all the nine essential amino acids are there in sufficient quantities…

  • Recipe: baked salmon with new potatoes and asparagus

    19th June 2015

    The perfect meal to boost your training and reduce recovery time, says nutritionist and sports scientist, Gill Cummings-Bell… Here we have the ingredients, method and nutritional information for this scrumptious baked salmon recipe: INGREDIENTS – Serves 2 400g new potatoes 2…

  • The Big Test: Energy Bars

    1st May 2015

    Stash one of these steady-release energy bars in your pocket and you’ll be able to push on longer and train better… Buying power packs: what to look for How we test: our testers have suffered more than their fair share…

  • Triathlon Nutrition: Chunky Turkey Vegetable Chowder

    16th March 2015

    Warm up after a long ride with this protein-packed soup. SHOPPING LIST 3 medium potatoes, total weight about 450g 1 carrot, sliced or chopped 2 tbsp sunflower oil 1 red onion, peeled and finely chopped 2 sticks of celery, finely…