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Triathlon swim training: single arm stroke

Triathlon Training: Perfect Single Arm Stroke

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 03/04/2014 06:00am

Improve your catch, breathing and body rotation with this essential swimming drill, says triathlon coach Steve Bailey

Non Stanford ITU Grand Final 2013 (Photo: Janos Schmidt/ITU)

Swimming With Injury: Tips From Non Stanford

| Injuries, Swimming, Triathlon Training | 07/03/2014 12:28pm

Video: Non Stanford’s top tips on swimming with an arm injury

Swim Like An Olympic Champion

Swim Like An Olympic Champion

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 06/03/2014 06:00am

Eight easy-to-implement training tips from Olympic champion Alexander Popov to help you improve your efficiency, technique and speed

Triathlon Swimming

Swim Like A Pro Triathlete

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 19/02/2014 06:00am

Pro triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury shows you the secrets of how to swim faster


How To Avoid Swimming Injuries

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 23/01/2014 06:00am

Avoid swimming shoulder problems with Swim Smooth’s Adam Young


Improve Your Swimming With The Unco Drill

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 16/01/2014 06:00am

Use the unco swimming drill to move more fluidly through the water

T3 Triathlon Swim Training Clinic

Next Triathlon Swim Clinic from T3 Training

| Triathlon News | 13/01/2014 16:17pm

The next triathlon swim clinic from T3 Training hits Loughborough this February

Perfect Touch Turn - Improve Your Swimming

Touch Turn Faster In The Pool

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 02/01/2014 06:00am

Swim faster by learning the perfect touch turn to improve efficiency and splits in the pool


Swimming Training Plans For Triathlon

| Swimming, Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 01/01/2014 10:15am

Free triathlon swimming training plans to help you improve your swimming and swim faster

Swim Faster Pool Training

4 Rules To Swim Faster

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 19/12/2013 06:00am

Turbo charge your swim and fine tune your training with these four keys to swimming faster

Mix your strokes to swim faster

Mix Your Strokes To Swim Faster

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 09/11/2013 05:30am

Learning the basics of butterfly and backstroke can help you improve your front crawl

Swim rules

Swim Faster By Following These Rules

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 28/10/2013 05:30am

Steer clear of common swimming mistakes and improve your speed in the water with this guide

Photo courtesy of triathlon.org / Arnold Lim / ITU

Swimming Training: How To Navigate Faster In Open Water

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 25/09/2013 05:30am

Knock minutes off your triathlon swim splits and save valuable energy with these tips from coaching editor Phil Mosley

Fix Your Swimming Triathlon Training Plan

Swim Better In 8 Weeks Triathlon Training Plan

| Training Plans, Triathlon Training | 22/08/2013 14:30pm

Fix your swim in 8-weeks with our latest free triathlon training plan

Swim Zone

How To Streamline Your Swim Kick

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 21/08/2013 05:30am

Reduce drag from your legs to go quicker in the water with Phil Mosley’s kicking masterclass

How to remove your wetsuit quickly in transition

How To Remove Your Wetsuit Quickly In Transition

| Race Day Tips, Swimming, Triathlon Training | 19/08/2013 05:30am

ve vital seconds in transition by following these seven simple steps to removing your wetsuit

How To Swim in a wetsuit

Triathlon Swimming: How To Swim In A Wetsuit

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 24/07/2013 05:30am

Fine-tune your open-water stroke with these essential tips for wetsuit swimming from elite triathlete Tamsin Lewis

How to stay calm in open water

How To Stay Calm In Open Water

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 03/07/2013 05:30am

Outdoor swimming requires mental strength. Follow these top tips to overcome your fears


Team Triathlon Plus Takes The Plunge

| Features, Latest Issue, Magazine | 24/06/2013 15:23pm

Team Triathlon Plus makes a splash with some back to basics swimming lessons

5 Ways To Swim Better In Open Water

Open Water Swimming Tips

| Race Day Tips, Swimming, Triathlon Training | 29/05/2013 05:30am

Triathlon coach Andy Bullock explains five ways to swim better in open water

Should you swim strokes other than front crawl?

Should Triathletes Only Swim Front Crawl?

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 02/05/2013 05:30am

Triathlon coach Andy Bullock explains the pros and cons of mixing swimming strokes

Lunch Time Power Swim

3 New Ways To Swim Faster

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 04/04/2013 05:30am

3 New Ways To Swim Faster


Swim Faster And Longer

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 21/03/2013 05:30am

According to expert Phil Mosley, swimming fast is about more than just seeking the perfect swim stroke


Best Dry Land Swim Workout For Triathlon

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 07/02/2013 05:30am

The 30 minute strength session to speed your triathlon swimming outside the pool, from Triathlon Plus SA Editor Glen Gore

Improving triathlon pool swimming is the key to faster race times.

Lunch-Time Power Swim

| Swimming, Triathlon Training | 18/01/2013 05:30am

Maximise your lunch-hour swim with this no-frills, easy-to-do pool workout