Triathlon Training

  • Fine-tune your recovery

    Fine-tune your recovery

    21st January 2016

    Cardiff Triathletes coach Patrick Lees reveals his top tips for maximising your training.

  • Want to double your distance?

    Want to double your distance?

    19th November 2015

    If you dream of going longer, Brighton head coach and ZigZag Alive founder Mike Porteous is here to pass on his expert advice.

  • Boost winter with vital pedaling drills

    16th November 2015

    Lead cycle coach Santi Brage gives you a sneaky peak at Brighton tri club’s turbo training plans. In the early days I remember asking cyclists to perform a drill in high cadence and facing a row of bewildered faces. It dawned on me that many people…

  • Fundamentals – Join the gang

    19th October 2015

    Being part of a training group will provide more than just performance benefits, there’s a wealth of knowledge and support too, says Berkshire Tri Squad coach Ed Nunn In my experience one of the best things about joining a club is getting to…

  • How to put your running to the fore

    16th October 2015

    Berkshire Tri Squad coach Gope Walker explains why you should avoid the dreaded heel strike and easy ways to fix it There are many ways of running faster, but the biggest issue I find that slows runners down is the dreaded heel strike. Forefront or mid…

  • Fast forward your descent

    13th October 2015

    Berkshire Tri Squad Head coach Luke McCarthy gives his top tips on how to improve your downhill technique Many people dedicate a lot of their time to trying to get stronger on the bike, putting in hours of high intensity training as well as trying to buy…

  • Sprint triathlon: be race day ready

    18th August 2015

    Coach Phil Mosley tells you everything you need to know to increase your speed and PB for a sprint triathlon… BEAT YOUR NERVES The best mental preparation for triathlon is to do low key single discipline events first. For example, the best…

  • Does race weight matter?

    10th August 2015

    You might be better off working on your power output than trying to diet to a magical number… There is so much controversy over weight and performance it’s enough to make your head spin. The common theory of “less equals fast” gets bandied around a lot, and…