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Triathlon Training

  • Refresh Your Run

    Refresh Your Run

    30th April 2017

    Be drill happy with Mersey Tri’s Zoe Brunton Run drills are often pushed aside in triathlon training to make more time for the main set or simply because we don’t know how beneficial they can be. We spend hours in…

  • How To Know When An Injury Is Serious

    How To Know When An Injury Is Serious

    17th April 2017

    Triathlon injuries can be hard to fathom. We all have the odd twinge, but how do we know if it’s something or nothing? Illustration: Peter Greenwood Anyone who has ever squirmed into a wetsuit, sat on a bike or pulled…

  • I can’t win! I’ll have to try harder…

    I can’t win! I’ll have to try harder…

    12th April 2017

    Written by Paul Ransome 2017 has been an eventful year so far, as mentioned in my previous blog, the birth of Theadora and my link up with Planet X, I’ve also recently experienced my first successful training camp in Spain…

  • The Importance Of Active And Passive Recovery

    The Importance Of Active And Passive Recovery

    10th April 2017

    Put your feet up or keep the ticker ticking? Garth Fox shows you the right road to recovery. Training does not make us fitter. We get fitter through recovering from training. I believe most triathletes train too hard, too often…

  • The 30-Minute Training Window

    The 30-Minute Training Window

    6th March 2017

    When in training for a triathlon, it’s essential to get your nutrition right in the 30-minutes after exercise, so you can feel the benefits in your next session. Your body will recover in time naturally after exercise, but speed is…

  • The Spring Issue Is Out Now

    The Spring Issue Is Out Now

    3rd March 2017

    The Spring Issue of Triathlon Plus Magazine is ON SALE NOW Pick up the latest issue of Triathlon Plus; available in supermarkets & in WH Smith.   In this issue: Hang Tough: Your Complete Guide To Suspension Training Nail A…

  • Ribble Cycles Launch Range Topping Ultimate SL

    Ribble Cycles Launch Range Topping Ultimate SL

    23rd February 2017

    Ribble Cycles is launching its new range-topping Ultimate SL model; the lightest frame the brand has designed to date. Coming in at just 840g (Frame, size Medium, painted with decals), the bike is ideal for riders looking for a superlight…

  • Next Generation Noodles

    Next Generation Noodles

    21st February 2017

    Long before anyone knew what a CrossFit box was and leggings became an essential item of designer wear, noodles were just noodles. But things have moved on since then, the Paleo Diet has taken the world by storm, NutriBullets adorn…

  • Zone3 Local Hero 2017

    Zone3 Local Hero 2017

    18th February 2017

    Zone3 Local Hero 2017: Zone3 in conjunction with the Triathlon Centre at Advance Performance are sponsoring a triathlete throughout 2017. Toward the end of 2016 Zone3 invited applications for this sponsorship package and made their selection at the start of…