Race Day Tips

  • 11 Ways To Run Faster Off The Bike

    11 Ways To Run Faster Off The Bike

    12th September 2016

      Mikael Eriksson of Scientific Triathlon explains how you can train and race to run faster off the bike in your next triathlon.     I’m sure you’ve had several “my legs aren’t working” experiences when running out of T2…

  • On the head or down the hatch?

    On the head or down the hatch?

    26th August 2016

    Written by Andy Blow Is it best to drink water or dump it on yourself to stay cool in hot weather?     As anyone nominated to do the ‘ice bucket challenge’ a while back knows well, dumping a load…

  • Coping with the cold

    Coping with the cold

    8th August 2016

      For many of those taking on the challenge of Braveheart, the cold water swim is an area of concern – but if you’re prepared you can make sure that you start the race well. The last thing you want…

  • Perfect your gait

    Perfect your gait

    1st February 2016

    Combine speed work and technique training this winter and you will run faster and more efficiently, with fewer injuries.

  • Beat your fear of open water

    Beat your fear of open water

    21st January 2016

    With most would-be triathletes put off by the swim, Tri Surrey chairman Jonathan Wilden explains how to tackle the wild lakes of triathlon.

  • Start your resolutions now

    Start your resolutions now

    21st January 2016

    Want a PB to go alongside the date change this New Year? Surrey Tri coaches Jolene Bull and Jonathan Wilden explain how.

  • Want to double your distance?

    Want to double your distance?

    19th November 2015

    If you dream of going longer, Brighton head coach and ZigZag Alive founder Mike Porteous is here to pass on his expert advice.

  • How to get your pre-ride stretch on

    12th November 2015

    Core and flexibility coach Leanne Garner reveals her top dynamic stretches to warm you up for each training session. Pre-ride These five lunges activate the glutes and core as well as stretch the hip flexors. Perform five each side. Forward Lunge Start with feet…