• Race report: Blenheim Triathlon

    Race report: Blenheim Triathlon

    7th June 2019

    Transition locations do not come much more stunning than in the courtyard of Blenheim Palace, writes Malcolm Bradbrook. One of the UK’s most magnificent stately homes gazes serenely down on you as you prepare for the challenge ahead. This year…

  • Master your triathlon training

    Master your triathlon training

    5th June 2019

    Many triathletes suffer from being weak in one discipline or find that lack of time stops them from achieving their peak. Evie Serventi has some useful advice.  Want to improve at triathlon but finding one particular discipline more difficult than…

  • Anyone can run

    Anyone can run

    5th June 2019

    Don’t let your size or age put you off taking up running. Age is just a number and body shape doesn’t need to be a barrier, says Christina Neal, Editor of Outdoor Fitness magazine and author of the book, Run…

  • How to improve at triathlon

    How to improve at triathlon

    5th June 2019

    Triathlete and triathlon coach Helen Murray has six top tips on how to improve at triathlon and nail a personal best. Get a coach When I first got into the sport, I was totally clueless about training. I trained at…

  • Elite European Duathlon Champs Race Report

    Elite European Duathlon Champs Race Report

    5th June 2019

    Race date: 11.5.19 Ben Price, who came fourth in the event, reveals the highs and lows of taking part. The Powerman organisers like to hype it up, create an atmosphere, build-up the anticipation and swell the tension on the start…

  • Scentered De-Stress Balm

    Scentered De-Stress Balm

    29th April 2019

    If you’re someone who experiences anxiety in the lead-up to an event, or even just during training, aromatherapy can be quite helpful to calm you down in an instant. It can be a bit of an issue when travelling, however,…

  • Calling All Extreme Event Fans: Wild Tri Is On Its Way

    Calling All Extreme Event Fans: Wild Tri Is On Its Way

    25th April 2019

    An exciting new event comes to Devon for the first time later this year when Hospiscare hosts Wild Tri, and its big brother, Wild Tri Extreme. This will be a wild take on a triathlon, and promises to be an…

  • The Importance Of The 30-Minute Training Window

    The Importance Of The 30-Minute Training Window

    22nd April 2019

    When in training for a triathlon, it’s essential to get your nutrition right in the 30-minutes after exercise, so you can feel the benefits in your next session. Your body will recover in time naturally after exercise, but speed is…