‘It’s not all about the result’.

That was the title of my last article on here. And it’s definitely true! I’m writing this on the flight back from Mallorca where I’ve just taken part in Powerman Spain.

The aim was to get on the podium – I was 4th last year – but guess what? Despite being stronger in both disciplines going into the race, I was 4th again!

I was pretty disappointed not to be one place higher – seeing the podium presentations hurt a bit – but could I have given it anymore? Definitely not! Plus, there is no shame in losing out to the quality guys ahead of me.

So, I’m now reflecting on more than just the result: it was a great few days away! Recee-ing the bike course with my duathlon pals from the UK (fellow Cheltenham Harriers and athletes from further afield) in the days leading up to the race was brilliant.

The feeling of warm sun on the arms and legs, pothole-free rolling roads, little traffic and superb views… amazing!

It was also great meeting up with friends from across Europe that I have got to know from previous races: the Powerman field is a superb mix of people with so many interesting and friendly people.

It was also a luxury to chill out in the spa at the hotel – we lead busy lives and to take some relaxing time out was much needed! The all-you-can-eat buffet for breakfast and dinner was also a highlight!

So, all in all, it was a brilliant experience.  I’ll be taking far more from this trip than my position in the race.

That said, I can’t deny I’m not motivated to get on that podium next year!


Ben Price is a duathlete who has represented GB at elite level over the past two years. He came to the sport in his late 20s and since then has progressed through the age group ranks until he was selected for the elite team in 2017. You can follow Ben’s training on Instagram through his daily posts.