These days, I follow the mantra live life everyday.


Five years ago I was a broken down injured footballer suffering from clinical depression, feeling lost, hopeless, and without a purpose in life after retiring from my childhood passion. Without football I was left with a huge void in my life, and I needed to find something to fill it, fast!


Endurance sports threw me a lifeline after I signed up to the Marathon des Sables (a 250km, 7 day ultra-marathon through the Sahara desert) in a knee jerk reaction to not knowing what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. This would be my first ever race of any kind, and the gateway to where I am today.




While training for the Marathon des Sables, I made the lofty aspiration of becoming an Endurance Adventurer, a job description I simply made up.
To be taken seriously, I felt I needed to create a unique challenge, not only testing myself physically and mentally, but to inspire others around the globe to live their own lives every single day as well.
The previous three years of my life, while battling injuries and suffering in silence with depression, I wasn’t living at all, so I understand the inner turmoil one can face with not enjoying daily life.


After staring aimlessly at a world map, with nothing but adventure on my mind, the Morocco to Monaco route of my 2000km in 12 day Ultimate Triathlon quite literally appeared before my eyes.
This was the challenge (of epic proportions) I was to take on; I gave myself four years to prepare.


Telling people of my new career as an Endurance Adventurer ignited plenty of laughs, but I had a dream, a vision, and for the first time in years, an energy to start living my life!


My motivation for covering the 2000kms in 12 days wasn’t just to test myself, although swimming the Straight of Gibraltar between Africa and Europe, cycling the entire south east coast of Spain (the equivalent to the length of Britain), and running 14 marathons in just 12 days is a pretty good exercise in human resilience, that pushed both my physical and psychological limits to the edge, and beyond.


I had a deeper motive; spurred on by a period of my life I look back on as unfulfilled, due to simply surviving and not living.
If I could use my Ultimate Triathlon challenge as a vehicle to inspire others to dream big, test their own boundaries, and start living their own lives a little more very single day, then the excruciating painful days I would endure from Morocco to Monaco would be well worth it!


This was my goal, my vision, and my dream; it still is, and something I think about on a daily basis.




The Ultimate Triathlon


The event was a beast!


Most days I questioned myself, my ability, and if this challenge was at all possible. But, with each thought of uncertainty, the memories from all the hours of hard work I had done throughout the previous four years leading up to this challenge (both physically and mentally) rushed through my head!


I was prepared, I had visualised many positive and negative scenarios, so I felt I had plenty of tools to cope with whatever would be thrown my way.


But most of all, I knew that if I simply just tried to take one more stroke, push a little harder on the pedals, and kept putting one foot in front of the other, then eventually, I would achieve my dream.


Constantly greeted with positive messages from those who were following me on this journey via social media, these personal notes turned into fuel for my internal fire, and I knew the flames from the raging inferno that was burning deep inside my belly would shine bright and lead the way for anyone who wanted to achieve more in their life, while I continued to dig deep and edge closer to Monaco.


I had many challenging times throughout this The Ultimate Triathlon, ending three separate days of the event itself unconscious, tearing my quadricep muscle, after badly straining a hamstring, and much more; as I attempted to conquer the toughest and most revealing journey of my life.


With the event now complete, and my body recovered, a stunning documentary has been made that captures the entire challenge and is as relevant to endurance nutcases like myself as it is to anyone else looking for inspiration, entertainment and motivation to expand their horizons and get more from their lives in any arena.


When reaching your limits, it’s only there that you’ll catch a glimpse of your true potential!”





Luke Tyburski

Endurance Adventurer, Motivational Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach

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