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  • Triathlon Forever

    Triathlon Forever

    17th December 2015

    Steve Trew explains how the old-school triathlete, will keep on going. He just can’t help himself… About 18 months ago (issue 70) my column was about the old-timer triathlete who had swum, biked and run pretty much every course there was, in a time before wetsuits and…

  • Imposter Syndrome

    Imposter Syndrome

    27th November 2015

    When it comes to confidence, sometimes you just have to fake it, says Steve Trew.

  • Trew Stories: Suddenly I see…

    Trew Stories: Suddenly I see…

    11th November 2015

    Mentally preparing for things that could go wrong will help you deal with race day hiccups, says Steve Trew.

  • Trew stories: Keeping it clean

    7th October 2015

    Sometimes an outstanding win really is the result of hardwork and an athlete at their best, says Steve Trew These days the absolute shame of it is that if an athlete in any sport posts a superlative performance, then the almost certain accusation that follows is,…

  • Steve Trew: The power of words

    4th August 2015

    It’s hard to explain but sometimes coaches have that little bit of magic, says Steve Trew… Back when the world was young, our first two sessions in the pool after the Christmas break were always the same. Session one would be a 10 x 400m…

  • Even pro triathletes make race mistakes

    17th July 2015

    Just keep smiling and don’t do it again says Phil Mosley… Image: Corbis In issue 81 of Triathlon Plus, I’ve written a sprint triathlon training plan (available here), designed to help you complete your first ever tri. It’ll get you ready for the physical demands…

  • Tri coach school: knowledge is power

    2nd June 2015

    Coaching editor Phil Mosley has been back to tri coach school and discovered that, in triathlon, knowledge is power It’s been a busy few weeks for me. I attended two triathlon coaching courses in the space of a week. My head has been buzzing with all…

  • Steve Trew: A Question of Morality

    7th May 2015

    For fans of fair sport, can an athlete ever truly step out of the shadow of a doping conviction – and should we let them, asks Steve Trew So Nike is going to sponsor USA super sprinter Justin Gatlin. And why shouldn’t…