Jon is our Ironman ‘First Timer’, as seen in Triathlon Plus Magazine. We’ll be tracking his progress in the lead up to the main event.

Written by Jon Dundee


This month has been a series of ups and downs both literally and figuratively. It started off with a short cycling trip to Mallorca, to ride part of the upcoming Ironman course and get in some decent base miles. With an average 1000ft of climbing for every 10 miles ridden, it certainly provided the literal ups and downs too. If you get go, especially with your bike, you have to ride Sa Calobra. This is the best singular climb I’ve ever done on one of the best and most scenic roads I’ve seen.

sa colabra

After a fantastic start; the month took a dramatic turn for the worse. A five day conference, working long ‘days’, was followed by a further three days away for work – with no weekend in between. I knew this would make training difficult, so as well as my bike I also packed my turbo. I got a few strange looks dragging my bike box and turbo through reception. Despite the good intentions, my training that week was my worst ever and included a large number of missed sessions and a mass of red in Trainingpeaks. On the days where I was able to get some time to train I ended up swimming 3000m in a 16m pool (188 lengths) – not much fun. Then, on my first turbo session I realised I’d forgotten my fan and being on the 16th floor of the hotel my window didn’t open. Cue instant stream room.

Bike on Turbo

Inevitably after burning the candle at both ends I returned from the conference with fresher’s flu (as my wife refers to it) this contributed to a few more missed training sessions. One thing that has hit home firmly this month is that when the little one comes, in 4 weeks! I’m going to be struggling even more for time and this is certain to have a negative effect on my training. On the upside, I think the enforced time off has had a positive effect! This weekend I had a steady ride scheduled so dusted of the old tri bike. My power meter battery was flat so I rode to feel, when I got back I had done 55 easy miles, my Garmin told me I was only just under Ironman pace for the whole ride despite the easy feel. This gives me enormous confidence for the race as my biking seems to be right on track. Just the swim and run to worry about now.

Mallorca training