In many ways David Evans is your typical triathlete. A fifty-five year old maths teacher and married father of two as well as a triathlon coach of 25 years. However, David is also quite extraordinary. He has also had the privilege of making the podium at Kona twice, 27 years apart. The huge gap in events can be accounted for the fact that while out cycling in April 1985 he was hit from behind by a car. His head smashed through the hood and windshield but his helmet saved his life. The rear derailleur was driven through his left leg and after multiple operations, David had to learn how to walk and run again.

Having rebuilt himself, David once again trained himself up to take a place on the podium at the Ironman World Championships nearly 30 years later.

As the 2016 Ironman World Championships take place in Kona, David Evans shares his unique experience with Triathlon Plus Magazine to show how the ultimate in long distance triathlon has changed over three decades.



David’s story is available in the current issue of Triathlon Plus.

Images: Courtesy of David Evans