Last week Kevin Mackinnon in Triathlon Magazine Canada wrote an article looking at why the PTO removed Kristian Blummenfelts 7h21 minute record from the Professional Triathlon organisation “record list” on the website.

This was a shock to many as the PTO should be supporting and celebrating its members, it appears we have all got the wrong end of the stick, a statement by the PTO aims to clear this up.

The PTO release states “The PTO recognises and celebrates Blummenfelt’s “Ironman® World Record” and has been actively promoting this tremendous performance. We celebrate each one of the outstanding performances of all our PTO Professionals and dedicated race organisers. Ironman® records, Challenge Roth records, Challenge Family records, World Triathlon records, Olympic records, Super League records, independent race records, we celebrate and recognise them all.”

What is all the confusion about?

The PTO say “Regarding the “Fastest Times” listed on the PTO World Rankings page, this page was simply added as an informational section, so those fans who love data can see historical comparisons and perhaps get an idea who might have been the fastest over the years in different disciplines and overall. It was never designed to have a world record-keeping function. Our data expert at TriRating (”

This section will now be removed from the website to avoid confusion and they will focus on the ranking points.

You can read the full statement here