Written by Jon Dundee, Triathlon Plus’ Competition Winner


It’s finally here. As a write this I have just finished packing my bike in preparation for leaving for Mallorca. My taper has started and it’s great to have some time back. The last few sessions have gone really well and I feel I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be.


Last month I competed at the Monster Middle Triathlon in preparation for Mallorca. Overall, the race went well but I made a few stupid mistakes which cost me my time goal. It all started to go wrong at early o’clock when I was woken up in my tent to the sound of torrential rain. Needless to say I was not the most enthusiastic I’ve ever been to get out of my sleeping bag.


My plan for the race was to finish under 5hrs but in the rush through the rain to get all of my kit together and after a soggy half-mile walk to transition I realised I had forgotten my socks. None of the trade stands were open so I just thought I’d wing it and suffer the inevitable blisters. The swim gave me a chance to think about my impending agony and the impact it might have on the final stages of my training. I decided to stop at one of the now open stands, try my luck and blag a new pair of socks. It worked, thank you to the guys on the trade stand for allowing me to pay later.


The spot of impromptu shopping resulted in a 2:33 transition, at least two minutes slower than usual. Transition is the only part of a triathlon where I’ve had the fastest split in a race. I didn’t think it was too much of an issue until I noticed my time when crossing the finish line, 5:01:48; gutted.


On a positive note, everything else went smoothly and more importantly I got to practice my nutrition strategy under race conditions, so I’m now confident I can down gels like a pro. I also practiced my best bike split power plan on my Garmin. Currently it’s telling me that my bike split for Mallorca will be 5:40:00 at Phil Mosley’s recommended intensity factor of 0.74. When added to my predicted swim time of 1:05 which I’ve been able to practice and verify that leaves me with 4:14 to complete the marathon and transitions to come in under my 11hr goal.


As I write this it all seems doable, on paper anyway…


We’re looking forward to reading about your adventure in Mallorca.