Coaching Editor Phil is about to tackle some of the world’s best at the Monaco TriStar 111 Triathlon. Is he ready?

Phil Mosley (Triathlon Plus)As I write this I’m about to jet off to Monaco for the TriStar 111 triathlon. It’s a new race format with a 1km swim, 100km bike and 10km run, and I can’t wait to try it out. Like many triathletes, swimming is my weakest discipline, so I feel Monaco’s relatively short swim will play to my strengths (or lack thereof).

The bike section takes us north from Monaco into some serious mountain terrain, making the 100km ride a gruelling three-hour climb-fest. At least the multi-lap run course looks flat, and jogging round parts of the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit should keep spirits high.

Since I took up triathlon back in the nineties I’ve always hoped someone would come up with some new formats, and now at long last it seems to be happening. The Abu Dhabi triathlon is another example, and with their greater emphasis on cycling, perhaps they make triathlon more inclusive. After all, the main reasons people give for not doing a triathlon are:

1.  I don’t fancy the swim

2.  I can’t run very far due to my dodgy knee etc

For many people who keep fit on a bike it doesn’t seem such a big leap to add a 1km swim and 10km run into the mix to complete their first triathlon. For me, I’m just looking forward to lining up at the start with Pro athletes like Chris McCormack and Marcel Zamora. I suppose I’d better take a good look at them before they swim off into the distance. Note to self: must swim more this winter.