Written by Paul Ransome

It’s been a few months since I last blogged about my journey and a lot has and hasn’t happened. Since mid December I’ve been suffering with a cold on and off, which has really had an impact on my training. As a coach I advise my athletes to rest and slowly resume training when the illness subsides and thankfully I’ve heeded my own and the advice of my coach and rested when I feel any symptoms below the neck. This has been massively frustrating but with a nasty virus about which has you coughing for weeks if not months I had to take it seriously.

Lots of good things have happened since Christmas, including the growth of my coaching group and a plan to expand our business this year. I have joined the Planet X Carnac team as a sponsored athlete for 2017, and we are going to be helping promote their brand and sell their bikes in the South West. A lot of this has come out of a client who has been motivating me to write letters and speak to people about opportunities for me to help promote their brands and if there is one bit of advice I have for other athletes looking for sponsorship, get writing your letters, be persistent and always make sure you tell sponsors what you can do for them. I’m sure that’s actually 3 bits of advice.

Most importantly my wife gave birth to our daughter ‘Theadora (Thea) Grace’ on 20th January. The birth all went well and I didn’t need any gas and air, neither did my wife.  Training commenced the day after again and was going really well for 3 days power was up and I managed to run for nearly 2 hours… then illness struck again and this time it was the bad one! I think it had been coming and I was living on the adrenaline after the birth. I could barely move for 2 days and it didn’t really get better for a week and the worst thing was the whole family fell ill including Thea, which led to an early visit back to hospital but all was precautionary and Thea managed to fight off the cold more quickly than me, but then again I did have ‘man flu’.

Going forward my whole season is now planned and races are entered, the first triathlon being the Big T Enduro at which I’m defending my title. This year we’ve made it our club championship and there are a few athletes looking to push me down the order so I need to be on my game by May. This weekend I’m racing at the open 10 mile TT in Frome and a few days later I’m visiting the velodrome in Newport to visit the ‘Aero Coach’ and dial in my position for the 2017 season making sure I take all of my speed into the bike leg. There will be a blog about this experience in a couple of weeks time. I’m also hoping to complete my physiological testing at ‘team bath’ over the next month after having cancel twice due to illness.

In all honesty I completely underestimated the impact of life on my training over Christmas and January. In years past I’ve been able to focus more energy on the training but as you can see there have been some quite important things happening over the last few months. I have prioritised and I keep telling myself October is a long way away.


Paul is based in Bath and is a personal trainer and triathlon coach. He is part of the team who run Urban Training Systems and you can find out more about them here: Website / Facebook / Twitter