Written by Paul Ransome

2017 has been an eventful year so far, as mentioned in my previous blog, the birth of Theadora and my link up with Planet X, I’ve also recently experienced my first successful training camp in Spain with 6 of my athletes.

One of my athletes, Heather Fell, has qualified for Kona as well placing second in her age group at Ironman South Africa, on the surface things are good. Training wise, it’s been tough due to my son Cameron constantly bringing home viruses from school. I’ve been catching one cold after another (3 since January), add in an ankle injury and consistency hasn’t exactly been one of my qualities over the last 3 months. I decided to put some energy into finding out if I’m overtraining or have a suppressed immune system.

I contacted our friend and dietician Renee McGregor to find out what my options are. The first thing she has recommended is to get a performance measures test done with Forth With Life who offer specific blood testing for athletes as well as people looking to improve their health. I just need to get a blood sample taken and sent off to Forth and then hopefully Renee will be able to shed some light on my inability to stay healthy. I’m hoping to also find out how to optimise my blood biomarkers through diet and recovery to boost my performance.

Everything was all going smoothly until recently. On a simple aerobic training ride just after getting over a cold I came face to face with a rather large tractor on a country lane coming in the other direction. There was space, but not a lot. As I entered the corner I instinctively braked (bad idea) and at that point I lost control. The bike and I hit the deck. Looking at my wrist I immediately realised that I’d broken it. Luckily the tractor driver stopped and called for an ambulance and a first aider in a passing van came to help. We were in the middle of nowhere so I was lucky to have help available but I had to wait for the ambulance to find us. Time really does slow down when you’re in pain!

You’ve got to love the NHS! The Paramedics and the A&E department were extremely efficient even though they had a lot of patients to manage. It turns out that I have a Colles fracture and require surgery which I’m currently sat here in my rather comfy hospital bed waiting for as I write this. I’m looking forward to getting home to see the kids and am hoping to get some sympathy.

A whole new challenge has been presented to me and I must fight to get ready for the second half of the season. My first 3 races are now off the cards. I’m going to hit this with everything I’ve got so I can hopefully still go to Kona and achieve what I wanted originally. I hope you enjoy my recovery blog!


Paul is based in Bath and is a personal trainer and triathlon coach. He is part of the team who run Urban Training Systems and you can find out more about them here: Website / Facebook / Twitter