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Aimee gets to grips with her training and is feeling much better for it.

Aimee is part of our in-house dream team aiming to take on the Virgin Active London Triathlon this July with the support of Team Carbon – official bike supplier, Tenn Outdoors – official kit supplier, Saucony, Polar, Zone 3 and Limar. To find out more about Team Triathlon Plus click here

Team Triathlon Plus: Aimee's Blog

Aimee having her swim stroke analysed by Rick Kiddle during a swim training day courtesy of Zone3.

And so it begins……

Three weeks on from my last blog and quite a lot has changed. It’s now only 12 weeks until the Virgin Active London Triathlon and so I’ve been forced to get my act together training wise. As a result, I’ve been running twice a week, spinning once a week and dragging myself to a crack-of-dawn swim on Friday mornings with Jek, and feel so much better for it.

I’ve also just got my personal training plan from Triathlon Plus coaching editor, Phil Mosely. He’s created it with my hectic work schedule in mind and I can’t wait to see how my fitness improves by sticking to the plan.


Last night I jogged off to my local park to start my run training. I took my snazzy new Polar RCX5 watch with me so that I could monitor my heart rate and follow Phil’s plan precisely. I have to admit that the HR monitor felt a little alien at first, but once strapped on you hardly notice it – lucky since I’m told this little tool is going to be my new best friend over the next couple of months.

The warm up sounded easy – 15 mins @ 145bpm. I didn’t realise how hard that would actually be; I’m used to pegging it around as fast as my little legs will carry me and really struggled to keep my heart rate down. I was hitting highs of 175, before I’d even started the main set.

The main set consisted of 10 x 40s sprints with 20s recovery.  It turns out that 20s rest isn’t quite enough for me at the moment but I really enjoyed running full pelt. I did forget my inhaler though, so maybe my recovery between sets won’t be so bad next time.

The warm down was as tough the warm up and I really struggled to get my heart rate down to the low levels prescribed. Again, I think my inhaler might help me next time.


My recent attempts at front crawl in the pool have highlighted a couple of technical problems, namely that I have a very wobbly core and sinking legs.

This became apparent when I borrowed Jek’s pull buoy during a morning session; I found it impossible to swim in a straight line and instead zigzagged my way up the pool. This has, however, given me something tangible to work on and try to improve, so I will be heading off to the shops next week to buy my own ‘peanut float’ as I have called it! I couldn’t help but feel a little daft using it but you can really focus on what your arms are doing. I definitely favour my right arm but it’s interesting to see just how weak my left arm can be, especially when I start to get tired.

I’ve recently made enquiries at my local open water swim centre, Vobster Quay, to see if I can start swimming outdoors. Unfortunately however it’s still a little cold (barely above 10 degrees) and so I’m going to have to leave it a little while longer.


My bike arrived this week from the lovely folk over at Team Carbon Bikes and I couldn’t be happier; I’ve been itching to get my hands on it and start practising. We have a team bike fit booked in next week, so once I’m set up on the bike I plan to spend most of my weekends whizzing around the country lanes in Wiltshire. It’s great to have such a lightweight helmet too – those guys over at Limar really know what they are doing. I just need to work on stripping back some of my own weight…every little helps!

I’m feeling positive now about the event and I’m determined to make sure that I’m as fit as possible come race-day. I really can’t wait – and I never thought I’d say that! is the online home of Triathlon Plus – the best source of triathlon training advice, triathlon gear reviews and triathlon news.

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